26 December, 2010


Irritating lameness from the master again.
enjoy guys!!
1: make sure all your computer buttons are not spoilt. If it's like mine, which one has dropped off, it's disgusting coz a button popped and I am enjoying the nakedness of it.( samuel is desperate)
2. Your Laptop wont get damage in the rain cause it has a cap, the Caps Lock button, look to the left of your keyboard.
3. The Num lock button. Touch it, you will go numb, and well, I don't wanna feel the effects of it hell yea.
so that's all cause I am going crazy.=)

sigh, I love you.

25 December, 2010


Christmas! Most of the time, people get excited about dinners and spending quality time with their families, my plan for the day is a little different. I would want to go to church and am about to go to my second service. Christmas is the day where we commemorate the birth of Christ. Lots of rumours have gone: it's the day of celebration for the Sun God. http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Other%20Pagan%20Mumbo-Jumbo/christmas.htm states the exact point. However, it has been said, what the devil use for his purpose, God can turn it around for good. like this passage says: 
Isaiah 60:7 All Kedar’s flocks will be gathered to you, 
   the rams of Nebaioth will serve you;
   they will be accepted as offerings on my altar,
   and I will adorn my glorious temple.
meaning that even Nebaioth, said to be the son of Ishmael, the roots of Muslim, even their flocks when sacrificed, gives off a smell, like a sweet offering.
9 Surely the islands look to me; 
   in the lead are the ships of Tarshish,[a] 
bringing your children from afar, 
   with their silver and gold, 
to the honor of the LORD your God, 
   the Holy One of Israel, 
   for he has endowed you with splendor.
Tarshish- represents Tyre, 
a nation that is prosperous, filled with wealthy merchants however, isaiah 23: 15 states that they too have strayed away. They believe in idol worship and the lead that they bring are what they use for idol worship. This just show what God can do. 
It is about the concept, the purpose of its use. Is it for or against God? 
The same goes for credit cards. Even how any people go bankrupt each day due to it, those that use it wisely and for the purpose of God and the church, will stay prosperous.
Therefore, friends, it is not about the reason of the ancients, but what is YOUR REASON in celebrating Christmas that matters to God and if it is for Christ, then God will be pleased. 

11 December, 2010


Survivor post. WOOHOO! Ok. 
Chase lost chase but found it again.
Chase, promised Sash(Matthew) that if he wins he will bring holly and sash. However, he chose Jane which is a totally big mistake. I mean, Jane and Holly are definitely sticking to his plan, and sash was given a WHOLE day to talk to Dan, Fabio and Benry. Luckily Holly was clever enough to persuade Sash. 

02 November, 2010


I feel that life is really boring. LIKE BORING!!!!!!!!! Maybe because I am waging 2 wars right now.... 1. against having a relationship. Don't want one. My studies will deprove and that person's studies also. 2. ... the pascal gambit. very annoying. So I am gonna try to concentrate on animation and pivot based stuff.... will upload on my face and da book soon. So pivot is a good tool for animation... and wei xuan is still doing nothing for the proposal..... so now my life is siannz. Anyways, I have decided to maybe elaborate on the 'tetsuko room' part next time.

31 October, 2010

My life. For you.

 I saw the words refiner's fire. I suddenly remembered the innocent times where I sing to God that song, where what i sang was my desire. It brought me to tears as I remembered how our schoolmates even echoed 'holy' to 'improve' the song.  At that time, it was all for God. I want that too. And as I listen to that song I want to make a commitment that I am to do the will of God, and none else.

survivor Ep7 post.

What comes around. Yes, it will go around. Marty was stupid to give sash the idol . Seeing that 13 are left, merge was in 0 to 4 challenges left. With samoa season 19 being 12 ppl at merge, he should have saw it. It is better to lose something than to lose and give it to you opponent. Take J.T. and Russell for example. BINGO!!! This is stupidly sad for marty. lols.

My 1st normal post.

Today was hectic. 1. go to parent teacher meeting then very siannzzz. MY %TAGE WAS HIGHER THAN AVERAGE LEHS!!!! MISS MAZ YOU CAN GO HOME LE!! After that, went to church. Firstly met with the siang hock, then winnie and jinger. Hahas. Service was good. I love the song " as the deer". I was feeling clueless and trying to breakthru to the presence of God and only felt it from then. I need to renew my spiritual life mannz. hahas bye!

30 October, 2010


Sorry everybody who happens to see this blog. It is not ready yet. WAIT 4 IT!