31 October, 2010

My life. For you.

 I saw the words refiner's fire. I suddenly remembered the innocent times where I sing to God that song, where what i sang was my desire. It brought me to tears as I remembered how our schoolmates even echoed 'holy' to 'improve' the song.  At that time, it was all for God. I want that too. And as I listen to that song I want to make a commitment that I am to do the will of God, and none else.

survivor Ep7 post.

What comes around. Yes, it will go around. Marty was stupid to give sash the idol . Seeing that 13 are left, merge was in 0 to 4 challenges left. With samoa season 19 being 12 ppl at merge, he should have saw it. It is better to lose something than to lose and give it to you opponent. Take J.T. and Russell for example. BINGO!!! This is stupidly sad for marty. lols.

My 1st normal post.

Today was hectic. 1. go to parent teacher meeting then very siannzzz. MY %TAGE WAS HIGHER THAN AVERAGE LEHS!!!! MISS MAZ YOU CAN GO HOME LE!! After that, went to church. Firstly met with the siang hock, then winnie and jinger. Hahas. Service was good. I love the song " as the deer". I was feeling clueless and trying to breakthru to the presence of God and only felt it from then. I need to renew my spiritual life mannz. hahas bye!

30 October, 2010


Sorry everybody who happens to see this blog. It is not ready yet. WAIT 4 IT!