01 March, 2015

Raw- Silent

Sound you can hear faces you can see
But inaudible are they like the words that you read
Books galore but not a drop of wisdom
Heaven is open but not a touch was given.

To drink and not be filled is to commit a murder
For what stop rage is not actions but comfort from anger
A sparrow flies, constantly he does
Not when he hates home, but whenever he must.

A test, a challenge, a match from afar
Sent on one purpose is the invitation 
Not for doubt, neither for shame
But till i am triumphant the teacher is silent.

-raw. Undone.

Poem- Perception

The one who cried wolf
didnt hear the howl
a cry in the midst of darkness
searching for; wandering through
the forest of serene but
solitude KILLS
the tiger has its cubs
the grass has its greens
but the lone wolf seeks eternity and peace

Misunderstood as evil
forgotten by the good
despised by those better
rejected as crude
gone like the wind
were the days of old
one was respected
just for his mould

Happiness exist when sadness does
a chain has many parts
these faltering emotions go hand in hand
though they're miles apart
plateau unflattering
But mountains scaled from valleys
all serve their purpose
to bring to us an ending

God is good; says the priest
and of course his creation fine;
but what is further from the truth
is evil in mankind.