31 December, 2017

Poem - Year

A full circle round the sun
three hundred and sixty five
days placed into months
and seasons of joy and life

starts off chilly and cold
February breaks the mold
March ushers in the sun
until July's Autumn

Yet not forget Summer
which springs up after Spring
the flip-side season of winter
Oh what joy it brings!

Basking in the sun
till August leaves turn red
and September winds come
makes the leafmeal bed.

From yellow to orange then red
It ends off white instead
Yet after the stormy snow
The sun will reset aglow.

26 December, 2017

Poem - Unsure

Happiness - not a destination
but journey to it we must
Success all humans' common aim
For this sole reason we self inject pain

Dopamine over dose
An escapade from reality
Oxytocin injected
Relieve the frightful scares

What is morality?
If your poison can be my apple
Why justice why equality
Isn't my body the only I serve?

Yet the guilt of past doings haunts with regret
The joy of gift giving? or the remission of sin
Hari kiri except we don't die
So others life we continue to hurt with our lies

What shall we do O Master
What can we say?
Apologies neither suffice 
Nor is worthy to repay

Life lived well and socially respected
yet society is cruel and the poor neglected
Do the filthy work please oh dear man
So i need not dirty, my clean soft hands.

20 December, 2017

lonEly loVe

With spots of brown
Not all around
Just some found

Dark skies
No stars
Noise heard from the revving of cars-
It’s a long night.

Glass is formed from sand
thud heard when the bottle meets land
Waste on the beach
Ocean just receives

Paper Airplane
Folded with a nice tail
Tries to fly
Flops and fail

The blazing horn
Ships depart
All around, looks of forlorn
Thoughtful sending of hearts

Side character watches
Protagonist love resolves
Antagonist transformed
Remainder remains

Is there no plot
Who shall develop?
No audience for the film
Just gratitude awarded.

Yet job fulfilled
Life must continue
Hope can appear
If the person dare desire.

Post Script: 
I don't know what poem this is. Thoughts overflow like a shower rampant waterfall.
Noise clutters, yet the silence speaks.
You speak to me in words, I reply you with emotions.
Stop hurting, start healing. Healing starts only when one realizes they can be healed, not just that they are injured.


29 July, 2017

Poem - Sleep

Scurrying rats
pacing away from the landing of paws
furry feline; a mobile threat,
dictionary's definition of death.

A rodent's life mission
not chosen but given
to bring for the next generation
a better starting point.

in every caste
struggles prevail;
but its relative happiness?
On a different scale.

The tiring rat race
Will it ever end?
Even if it does,
What reward is at hand?
On the deathbed of hay, the rat rest and stay,
what thoughts will break his piece of mind?
but to know its son's best move isn't to pray,
It may have one last breath and rest in time.

21 May, 2017

Poem - I really tried

I tried to imagine
i tried with despair
you're here with me
As i make that prayer
That you'll never leave me
behind all alone
but your embracing hugs
will make me feel at home
But! I yearn and cry for those hugs
Which I don't get for we're far apart
soon i will be back, though dirty and rugged;
Please still accept me, I give you my heart.

13 March, 2017

Poem - Numb

Four walls around, cement and bricks;
The corner has cobwebs, spiders and liz-
ards are crawling, this is their home
in which you're confined in, stuck all alone

Days passed and nights come
Through the window you observe
Daily a new scoffer will ask
For what sin do you this sentence, serve?

Inquisitive or caring, one does not know
But lumps in the throat comes as I reply
To speak my evil with truth and without my sorrow
As I patiently wait for the day which I fly-

out beyond the bars, no longer in premises
And with my green card I explore my freedom
No longer in dreadfully ugly clothes
Though it's still far I dream of this moment

Can I faster finish my SOL of 28 days.....

26 February, 2017

Poem - Strung Out

Sometimes you win,
Sometimes you lose,
Sometimes you just sit down with booze.

There's cuts that kill
And wounds that heal
But don't forget those whom you knew

Were there in sunshine
Beside you in rain
Offer you a shoulder to ease through the pain

No currency nor change
Could put up my smile
Like one my best friend arranged
And place there for a while

20 January, 2017

Poem: Pillar

Grey cylinder standing strong
Supporting up the ceiling wall
Firm and upright built with might
Making sure that it won't fall.

Gravity's center lies on it
Yet it does not budge
Even when it suffer a hit
There's no difference than a touch.

Just what we need to hold our lives
Without cluttering our mind
Removing it is like playing dice
No control of any kind

Some hug it, lean on it, stare at it in awe
It's existence is our cure
For all the troubles we may have
This pillar will hold them all.