31 May, 2015

Poem - A Chance

If I have a chance
I want that chance to be you
As we go to different cafes
to talk about the sun and a sky so blue

If I have a chance
I want that chance to be you
Every smile every conversation
The connection is true.

If I have a chance
You're thinking 'bout it aren't you
how our fate intertwined
you complete my words and me you

If I have a chance
I hope that chance is you
Because being blind is better as
long as me and you are cool.

If I have a chance
It has to be you
Because if it isn't
I would be in prison

If I have a chance
I would never leave you
Because I'm afraid of being alone
But that is when I smile.

I know I have a chance
And that chance is with you
Be courageous and open my mouth
That's all I have to do

I know I have a chance
What could seperate true friends?
But this schrodinger's box
I dont want any loose ends.

If I have a chance
could you then promise
That you would be honest
and pierce my heart with your lance?

If I do stand a chance
I will take it just you wait
Bring you into the home of my heart
You wouldn't wanna leave the gate.


23 May, 2015

Just to discover life where we all are

This fight of my life is so hard, so hard, so hard.But I'm gonna survive. Oh oh these are beautiful times~

Thank God that FYP is going to be over soon. Really.

Dealing with people, students and lecturers that I do not like, is a tough one.
Having so many tough interviewees and irritable people around me, quite tiresome to me.

I just wanna have fun playing the guitar again.
I just wanna have someone understand me again.

I feel so drained texting. Even texting. That I feel so alone even through texting because I cannot feel the other party resonating with what I am feeling.

I am waiting for the day where I can be the lark, I don't want to be the sighing woodpecker anymore.