24 November, 2013

Been a month

It's been a month so what have I been up to that could lead me to this website again?


But it was a great month of November.

Now let's get started with the actual post.

Life is short, and will come to an end.
If one does not do as one wants in his heart and in his mind then one might as well not live.
A mistake is better made, but of course, thought processes are needed.
Sense is sense, but intuition beats all.

Live a life without regrets, without worries. We can be anxious, but we do not worry.

Anxious is a feeling that comes when we are jumpy over a situation. We are anxious when we are about to meet the President Obama(just an example). We are, so to speak, "worried we may have a slip of the tongue and create a bad impression". This is due to a stressor, and the stressor in this scenario is meeting an important public figure. However, if we ponder and stay with this feeling for a duration of time, our mind starts to wonder and imagine, even visualize possible scenarios of things that could have gone wrong. Now that turns into worry.

However there is a brief moment between being anxious and worrying.

It is during this time where we must pick ourselves up and lift it up.

Certain burdens need not be carried.
If, like me you believe in Christianity, the right thing to do is to lift it up to Jesus, of whom is the author and finisher of our faith.
Even if you are of other beliefs, know this: worrying is a self imposed prison. You only come out after you learn to let go. Don't imprison yourself.

Take care


30 October, 2013

Psalms 121: Providence

Providence takes its cue from men. - Brave New World, Aldous Huxley.

God is our King, He is our provider. He is the one who opens the gate of heaven, he is the one who determines the rain and the sun.

However, even though God is known as Jehovah Jireh, not many does he provide for. 

Common is the saying "You have not for you ask not", and how true is that statement! God is omniscient and omnipotent, but are we humble enough to ask God for help? Are we willing to seek help from a being and thus admitting that we are not as good and as strong as we think we are in our minds.

Providence comes from God, for God is more than able to provide for all our needs and for all that we want. God has dominion over the whole earth. Yet, Christians around the world are suffering because of a misconception: "God has a better plan, I will wait silently that God will one day do a miracle.". However, we do not know that God's power and sovereignty is unlocked through prayer, which requires us to OPEN our mouths and speak, connecting with God and allowing us to have a deeper relationship with him. 

Providence takes its cue from men. As we ask God for help, we will see verses come true. We will begin to understand the laws of heaven and the mercies of God. We will then be able to know that God indeed cares for us and have not left us on this earth to go through a course of life.  

Like the Psalm:
I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills:
from whence cometh my help.
My help cometh even from the Lord:
who hath made heavn and earth.
And he that keepeth thee will not sleep.
Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord himself is thy keeper:
he is thy defence upon thy right hand;
So that the sun shall not burn thee by day:
neither the moon by night.
The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil:
yea, it is even he that shall keep thy soul.
The Lord shall preserve thy going out, and thy coming in:
from this time forth and for evermore.
I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills:
from whence cometh my help.

27 October, 2013

A learning process

Being able to touch php is a dream come true. (EDIT: Nahhh.)

Hope that one day i can change this blog into one which i enjoy, and which people would enjoy coming to. Not just something simple and nice. Something designed personally, and unique.

But for now,

print("BYE!!! :D")

Everything in life is a learning process.
So glad that my friend introduced me to a new book called Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Experimenting with the possible future route that humans may take forsaking a religion for science, evolution and a dictator-like-God, caste systems become prevalent to society to keep the world a balanced place for the people on the top of the balance to enjoy. However, a savage, someone untouched from a rural area proceeds to find his life changed when he enters the brave new world located half way across the world, to find technology at its finest, yet humans, though more intelligent, still have shortcomings.

Changed my mind on certain things this book does. Reminded me of how important it is to have right values, and to know something through and true.

Good book to read, I highly recommend it.

10 October, 2013

The Dumbing down of society

The numbers of content consumers and shallow content are growing at a rate that vastly outpaces the growth of more deep and effort-driven posts/posters. This is attributed to sites like Facebook/Memegenerator making it much easier for new users to find validation/success online with a smaller ratio of quality:quantity, and the dumbing down of the internet.

Making solid content online needs to be easier.

Nobody needs to know what I had for breakfast.

Consumers are eager to get a glimpse of something shallow, yet at the same time filling and it is not just a tad, it is a plethora worth of junk information.
YouTube users upload 48 hours of video, Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content, Instagram users share 3,600 new photos, and Tumblr sees 27,778 new posts published – every minute, according to a survey and infographic by DOMO. 

What is the leading cause of us requiring information to be like coffee gulped down a programmer’s throat?

This drives us to what a human needs.

Many people out there seeks for ways where they can feel gratified and amplified and if also possible, affirmed and made an egotist without people realising it. Who doesn’t want to be praised and given attention? As such when they put on a façade to attract such audience they do it well and often they would move on to do it in the easiest way. What is the easiest way to get people to like you? Tell jokes! Create a joke site! Contribute to a joke webpage with image boards(without the boards). And because this requires no analysis whatever, it does not stir the mind. It does not cause one to think. It just fills up a void so easily you forgot, or rather you don’t know that you had a void. Surprisingly most start without that void but after getting all these jokes and funny picture of cats (no offence to Ben Huh and cheeseburger) you replace the time you did a certain activity that was part of your life with this, such that this becomes a focal point of your life. This then leads to a point where you notice that you need to feel that void with what you’re getting because it is the easier way out.

I mean, would you rather spend your time laughing at 9Gag or spend half your time trying to resonate with some opinions on a forum page? Why bother when you can be eclectic - in 5 seconds! This shows the shrewdness of our minds, taking the better and much, much easier way out. And as it continues to be a habit, users of the internet are finding that they would rather laugh at a joke that was only a little funny than to analyse and figure out the rights and wrongs and the issue of morality and justice. Such doings have been limited to a faint amount of introverts, and much less, extroverts.
So if you ask me what the internet is currently used for? No longer is the prime of the internet the sharing of bee hived like communities. It is for narcissism The self-gratifying nature of humans, to be able to receive praise in the form of Twitter retweets, Tumblr reposts, facebook likes and Instagram hearts, and to a certain extent comments which will be perceived as the inquiry of the user’s life which can be taken as a gesture to remain as just a little-not-so-little-just-a-tad-between-little-and-very-little more than acquaintances.

Recently I read the New York Times and I came across as particular section of which I quote: “Narcissists use Twitter “as a kind of technologically augmented megaphone, amplifying one’s own perceived superiority to others.”

Now how true is that?

Firstly, just a few words: There is nothing wrong with the wanting of people to be concerned over 
one’s little uneventful life. I mean, we all want to make the most out of life and enjoy it, with our friends! However the problem lies in the fact that there are people out there who have an account of facebook or twitter not to connect with their friends, but rather because they need to be “in” on the cool stuff. When I first created my twitter, this was the description I had of twitter: A microblog. That simple. And to me, I define my microblog as a blog, but in bite sizes (humans really can’t take too much stuff at one time, huh.). Now this means that it has to be concise and that it has to be of at least the same standard as that of what one would deem acceptable on a blog, depending of the context. 

And while there is nothing wrong with expecting viewers and comments, the question is this: Are you doing it because you are really eager to share your view or are you eager to receive affirmation? The thing is, when things can be done the easy way, the meaning of the act is normally in the tougher route. Say because you have something of value. Not because you want to show others on Facebook that just because you’re under a certain label in class doesn’t mean you don’t do cool stuff life eating cheerios with chopstick(LOLjk).

Just because one does not speak, he is not a dumb person. He is just a man who chooses his battles, chooses when to make an opinion, when to speak, when to listen, when to comment, and when to just be there, when to give advice, and when to offer sympathy. Most importantly, a person who knows that there is a time for everything. Just like there was a time for Gangnam style, there is a time for The Fox. 

And really, this just goes all the back to what we started with. Such songs make such a hit because they are dumbing down music to such a level where if basic rhymes could do it, why bother fancifying lyrics?

Fahrenheit 451 really predicted such a coming, and it is indeed on its way to a greater level. Will it ever stop? Only if religion occurs. Or else, let the parlour TV tell me.

PS: Yes I know fancifying aint a word. The whole point.

PPS: This article is a result of Ray Bradbury fanboy-ness, thinking of the world and its current state late at night, and reading a few articles on New York Times. Hopefully, we won’t get banned for just chatting about life with friends purely for friendship’s sake in the future.

03 October, 2013

Poem - Rest

A frozen eon - agendaless,
hanging around and floating with you
not within control and not with respect-
use it well or you will regret.

For all is within its game
Mindset, control, procrastinate oh put it on hold,
Nothing seems to large till at the end
And at the end one sobs, no longer able to play, pretend.

Strict rules are freedom, or are strict rules inconvenience?
Time moves within its own desserts,
Life is gone like a spoonful of cereal fed by parents,
down the throat and abyss - or out and into fireworks.

23 September, 2013


What does it mean when we ask God to answer our prayers?
Do we realise that no is an answer?
Or do we think that since God is omnipotent he should be able to accomplish anything and by that definition any of our whims and fancies such that we will be able to receive and achieve anything that our heart may even begin to desire?
God is not a genie. He is far more powerful, so treat him with respect.
Just as you would not buy ice cream for your kid every day if he asks, because that’s not right, and not beneficial, God does only the things which are beneficial for us. Thus, whatever is God’s answer, take it with faith that greater things are yet to come.
And when we pray, pray that God’s will will be done, rather than our whims and fancies.

15 September, 2013

things i hate

1. Blogposts
2. Irony
3. Lists



Too many a times people only want to hear the things they want to hear, and to get it from a certain group of specific people.
This is also known as affirmation. To affirm the thought that the individual have in his mind. It is human nature to want to be affirmed by significant others, but nonetheless friends and acquaintances, I mean, who enjoys opposition? Even the strongest contender don’t want to wage a constant war.
Affirmation, is a form of encouragement, mainly expressed through words, and sometimes through actions.
The problem does not lie with affirming. The problem does not lie with opposition ether.
Therefore, what causes the problem?
Lack of supposed affirmation.
Now what the human mind begins to do is to map out a way to get the affirmation. Thus, it takes the safest route to ensure the highest probability of getting desired results. However, many a times though the human mind tries to make it the way we want it to be we often do not experience the déjà vu as we wanted. Now while this is only natural as it is only possible to be accurate if one is able to look through the perspective of the other individual. Moreover, the individual must understand the way the other party will react and by that standard, the individual would have to understand the events that happened to the person’s life and how it shaped the person to become the one standing today. This is practically impossible unless one is omnipotent.
So while it seem like something small, the human gives ascribed roles to people, and achieved roles to a few others. The problem is that the ascribed roles given could be due to one-time circumstance and thus can be considered a misjudgement of character. Thus when the predicted behaviour doesn’t happen but is instead replaced by an opposite behaviour, usually with the other party being aloof about the matter or ignorant (which is more severe than opposition).
How do we solve this problem?
This is simply explained, but oh! The coldness and stubbornness of the human heart. Nothing that is link to the mind can be easy.
To first eradicate this problem one must first be accepting of other’s differences. Not all are same, but all are equal. Thus, the very first step is to be accepting of the other party, and for all we know, may be trying to accept us for our differences which they consider peculiar and unique.
Now note that the removal of expectation is impossible. It is impossible to expect nothing from others, for expectation can only be placed when you have a form of respect for the other part. As respect may come from two areas: Admiration and Adoration. When you admire someone, a disappointment would destroy the admiration and shatter the credibility to pieces. However, adoration, or love for the other party, is different. When the other party disappoints, one does not cease to love, as in the previous example when one cease to respect. However, one is instead saddened by the difference. Now, when one seeks affirmation, remember that one will only seek affirmation from something one is enthusiastic about. If not, the affirmation would not be worthwhile.

This has sparked an interest in me. I have been testing it out by going around looking for affirmation for certain things, and when it wasn’t affirm, I discovered that I was very sad regarding the matter. Then I realised something.
Many a times when we are looking for affirmation, we don’t even know we are actually looking for it. It is as if, like our second nature to want to be loved.
If you are one whose love language is words of affirmation, or you really want someone to affirm you, I have a better suggestion.
Do something that soothes your brain. Write a poem, write a book, draw, try doing haikus, finish a crossword puzzle, dance half naked in the shower. If none of this works, try sleeping in a tent by a beach. Take your mind of things.
After that, when you come back, try and recall of the things that you subconsciously get others to affirm you for. Now try to improve on those areas, however possible. Also, look into the mirror every day. Point at it, and say: “You are awesome”.
Anything works fine. “Today is gonna be a great day”, “Today will be awesome!”, “I am pretty!” works.
Now do the above for at least one a day, for 10 weeks.
Now realise that the best form of motivation is intrinsic motivation. When we look for affirmation, it is not wrong, but affirmation is a form of extrinsic motivation. This means that it is not a lasting factor, and needs to be constantly replenished. This is also the same reason why a dad and mom does not stop saying good job after the baby manages to poop in the bowl properly once. They continue a few more times. Now when you look for affirmation, it is as if you do something in hope of praise from a bunch of significant others. However, intrinsic motivation can be defined as:
The motivation coming from the pleasure one receives from the task itself.
Now, while extrinsic motivation (the constant inducing of love, reward, or removal of punishment may lead to intrinsic motivation, however it is dangerous. The removal of it may lead to the worsening of condition. This is equivalent to a big country giving in to a friendly small ally all the time until they became spoiled and now the smaller country is demanding tribute.
When you have a task, it is often called a task because there is a reward attached, and that we don’t feel like doing it. However, there are ways to aid you. For example, try to look at the things you may be able to learn when you work on this task. As one of my favourite comic artist Nuzlocke would say, “Everything happens for a reason”.
Still want affirmation?
If you still do at this point, I have a word for you.
You are made unique, and beautiful the way you are. Keep on keeping on. The past does not define the future. Only your mind set can do that. Do not limit your mind set. The mind is one’s greatest asset. Nothing can stop you, only your thinking.
Everything is possible when one believes.

07 September, 2013

Poem - Down

Close clamped fists, marshalled in with pistol shots Fierce enthalpy change, green and red are the faces to be
Death, bruises or peace - outcome all may be Live and let live, be and let be.

01 September, 2013

Poem - Genuine

Flying punches took the floor Look ole yonder, a silver swing A nuzlocke, a lame joke, a gesture Two blind men met each other

An invite, a greeting with a push A struggle to adapt, but alas all done was for the better,
and the better an old wine is till the unfermented grapes drown

For like two kittens, purrs of one accord Claws marked with same scratches
The left paw and the right paw of them Both serve their master, walking him, waking him

A messala and a Judah ben hur Breaking down after those five years But really messala was not knowing That the saved ben hur forgave him.

27 August, 2013

Poem - Reminiscence

A feather flew past the sidewalk
no grass patch could hold it there
but a dandelion petals it caught himself
with help of a breeze in the air

breeze flew feathers, many leaves
the feather was stark red among the greens
lucky it caught in a dandelion,
and rub on the chin be not odd but even.

the rub, it went, yes it went through,
the results undisclosed, unknown.
if only if only the blue bird sighs,
if only he could make the breeze bigger.

- Cricantrail

ps: if only, the breeze was bigger he said,
     little he knew 'bout the whirlwind ahead.

20 August, 2013

Poem - Society

No day remembered as like Crispian's Day
but globalization, now that is some zest.
No warrior fought can win them all
for innovation puts man to the test.

14 August, 2013

Poem - Blind wait

Shuddering winds surround the welcome carpet
but before, a minute, the sun was pepper.
Awaiting, a goal, thrust by thrust forward
Upon reaching, twas stormy gale.

Hobby picked, left with a sigh,
Awaiting nightingale's reply
A moan, soft whisper, touched the heart,
apologies breaks the house of cards.

Point of no return, to which one gallops,
Revelation, shocking, Yes! A shocking sight.
Bewilderment kept underneath
Wails belong to the bathroom inn.

To turn, to change or to pretend
Life's first road- the hardest bend,
Decisions made, do not regret,
Always push through the needle - thy thread.


this poem was written especially for a person that is at a new juncture in life, and knows not what is ahead.
I wrote this about my entrance into NYP SIDM motion graphics, and it was a tough period of my life where I felt stupid, retarded, and I felt that what was needed most in my life was to cry. I just wanted to cry. But as you read the poem you should have known what I decided to do is to not regret my decision but just make the decision I feel is best for me and that is to push the thread into the needle. How hard it may be, how difficult and how impossible and daunting the task to face, but to do it because it is better to push another thread into a needle than to settle for a color you do not want on your garment, well, on your garment.

Why I named it blind wait was because I didnt know what to expect from it, so its like a blind wait, and yes, it is a redundant wait because all waits are blind, we never know what will come from what we expect.

13 August, 2013

A baby

I was just thinking about the people that are in this world.

There are bad people.

There are good people.

But everyone has the same start, no?

Not really.

Yes, we all start as a baby. That would be the similarity.

When I was younger, I used to play a game called Maple Story. In that game, you will be able to customize your character at the beginning. In doing so, you can make your avatar look like yourself.
Shortly after that, you come to a screen where it gives you a table, showing you data related to your skills in the game. Measured by skill points,  every aspect important to the game will contain skill points. Your base skill points will vary from 4-12.

The tally of points from all the aspects will be about the same.

In this world, not everyone is the same.

Some are born to this world more unfortunate than others.

Some are more fortunate.

But how do we measure the level of "fortunate"-ness?

What is it in relative to?

It is in relativity to our perspective.

Growing up, I knew I did not have a perfect family. It was broken.

Thus, to me, any family that is stuck close together, that can joke and have fun together, that care for one another, is fortunate.

As you can see, my definition of fortunate may differ.

A baby born into a rich family, but growing up, found few cared for him, may describe fortunate as one with many close friends.

However, one with many close friends, but fall sick often, may find those with perfect health fortunate.

I could go around with many examples.

There will always be an "Achilles heel", as many call it.

I prefer a biblical example.

There will always be a "Jacob's socket" or a "Paul's thorn in the flesh", but how we overcome it, now that's a story.

If you overcome, tell that to your future kid.

Or grandkid.

PS: I need to come up with better blog post titles.

12 August, 2013

Poem - It's better to...

Threads encircling through the feet Making out, fuzzling grumbling, a stoneslab code
Captivity's reign shambles on sand.
Now to unlock a pandora of souls

A gate keepers job, in a no man's land faraway pearls draw near to sight
To mirage a crystal, oh what a dream! To achieve something, one must forgive

For there lies before thee a place of hope, But hope! Oh hope! What use of it!
When oxen pulled against its will Stop throwing rocks against the hill.

To succeed, one must prepare Be like the tortoise, not the hare! To relent, one opens the heart To a chamber of wine and songs of lark.

A task completed, relief is sighed
relief given for my teary eyes
better done, better gone?
wither yesterday, not my tomorrow.

Opened door, locked room,
Winters gone, closed door of doom
Look ahead, what spring might bring,
Lovely cheerful offering.

No regrets, it is goodbye!
No more crying, can't hear a sigh.
Birds fly out of the window blue
Returning with a peekaboo.

- Forgive.


Yeah like, i really am unfit for this topic.

Have recently been watching anime(I'm supposed to be studying) and I have been thinking a lot(as usual) lately.

What does it mean to be married? What does it mean to be together?


So. That is what I have been thinking about.

Then I realized, I am certainly certainly not ready for one.

Being in a relationship with a person of the opposite gender means that you have genuine care and concern for the person. You must truly care about the person, and you feel obliged to care for the person.

Study has shown that after the first year of the relationship, what used to be passionate love will turn into emotional love, and then into emotional attachment.

Thus, for two to become one, they must not just like each other. Rather, they must have a desire to want to be together with the other person for a lifetime.

Bearing with the other's shortcomings, they must learn to live life with the other with utmost patience. Whoever one chooses as his or her partner must be one who is able to communicate and connect, without a single word of conversation.

The greatest friendship, of which two may sit, against a bench, and feel at ease just breathing with the other, without having a word spoken, yet know that the presence is more than enough, for the hearts have already been bonded, just through what both has gone through together.

10 August, 2013

Direction setting

So after reading an article about election being called earlier, i suddenly thought about my blog and what i had been blogging about. Apparently, I went from being an analytical blogger, to a poem blogger which would have been more prevalent if i get to be exposed to nature more. Also, if i have more time to spend in solitude.

Which would only happen on nights where i am not gaming, and not studying, and definitely not sleeping.

Thus far, i realize that i need to blog constantly, because I want to keep at least a small flair for writing. That would be beneficial towards my adequate command of english, and also relieving myself from stressful examinations. Games are good, but they are not the best.

I guess i could analyze poems or quotes by socrates but nobody would be interested, and I guess i could analyze books like ecclesiastes or fahrenheit 451 chapter by chapter too.

I will see how it goes, and I will try and blog more often.

I am typing this because similar to Blacklightattack(some guy I admire), I am actually trying to set this blog in the direction for more views by random people that care. So I would want to be posting content that would be of a certain genre, at least 3/4 of the time.

Thus far, thank you for reading whoever you are.

If you are a blogwalker, do ctrl + D my blog! Would appreciate if you rss or follow too(provided you enjoy).

Will be posting as much quality content as possible.

As for now, a reminder would be sweet:

No day remembered as like Crispian's Day
but globalization has had some zest.
No warrior fought can beat the rest
for innnovation puts man to the test.

07 August, 2013

Poem- Purged

Marbles of the sea Cracked open to show thy beauty Purified birds Shot down to show their glory.

This poem was created on 28 May, but i don't think i placed it on this blog yet.
I have no idea what it is about.

Update: I think I just might know.

The most beautiful things in life that we love, those things are the things we dont cherish, those things are those things we choose to destroy so we can "own" what we admire, we can have to ourselves what we find pleasing to ourselves.

05 August, 2013

Lame Jokes

Why is the cat untruthful?
Where can you find mickey mouse on your body?
Why was the cook arrested?
Why do you go to bed?
What did the traffic light say to the lamp post?
A tree was chopped down for firewood. When it was placed in the furnace, the fire was green. Why?
Why are fishes smart?
What did one plate say to another?
What happens when you lift the lighter above your shoulder?
What happens when you lift a chicken from the ground up to your knee slowly?

Because he had nine lies(lives).
This knee(Disney).
He was beating up eggs.
Because the bed can't come to you.
Don't look, I'm changing.
It was an evergreen tree.
They travel in schools.
Lunch is on ME.
It becomes a highlighter.
It becomes chicken rice(rise).

God takes away our burdens, a shave at a time.

This is Shrek the sheep. He became famous several years ago when he was found after hiding out in caves for six years. Of course, during this time his fleece grew without anyone there to shorn (shave) it. When he was finally found and shaved, his fleece weighed an amazing sixty pounds. Most sheep have a fleece weighing just under ten pounds, with the exception usually reaching fifteen pounds, maximum. For six years, Shrek carried six times the regular weight of his fleece. Simply because he was away from his shepherd.
This reminds me of John 10 when Jesus compares Himself to a shepherd, and His followers are His sheep. Maybe it’s a stretch, but I think Shrek is much like a person who knows Jesus Christ but has wandered. If we avoid Christ’s constant refining of our character, we’re going to accumulate extra weight in this world—a weight we don’t have to bear.
When Shrek was found, a professional sheep shearer took care of Shrek’s fleece in twenty-eight minutes. Shrek’s sixty pound fleece was finally removed. All it took was coming home to his shepherd.
I believe Christ can lift the burdens we carry, if only we stop hiding. He can shave off our ‘fleece’—that is, our self-imposed burdens brought about by wandering from our Good Shepherd.
“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

21 July, 2013

12 July, 2013

It is a culture of conformity.

I looked back to last year.
And I noticed something very subtle, but very true.

I changed the way I dress for school.

When I was in NYP SIDM, which is the school of digital media, all was funky and cool.
I dressed (rather)stylishly whenever I go to school.

But when I went to another course, an IT course, I changed. I wore slipper shorts and t-shirts, which would have been a no-no to me last year.

Why the sudden change?

Because when I am a IT student, I am no longer a graphic design student. I lose my passion for creativity. I became a rectangular box without its edges. An aluminium phone suitable for one handed typing.

Which shouldn't be the case.

I should be like a Sony Xperia Phone, beautiful, good to behold.

But what caused me to dress with such sloppiness?


In SIT(School of IT), the modules touched on are programming, law, math, wed design, and psychology.
However in Digital Media School, We had to crack our brain for animation ideas, story boarding techniques, drawing beautifully with good shading in terms of gradient, painting.
We had to think funkily.

As compared to thinking logically.

And when you think about it logically,
it is not that non media or non design students have no fashion sense,
it is that they have been hard wired through school to dress logically.

Thus, only those who dress to impress, or dress to maintain a certain perception, would dress up.

However, media and design students will dress up because, hey, why not.
Dressing nice, will make me feel nice. When I feel nice, my life will be nice.

Dress logically. No one bothers, who shall judge? Whoever judges will be judged. And by all.

Thus, what point am i trying to make here?

That it is not to blame a person for his change in behavior if there is a change in the setting of the culture of the environment he is in.

Good day to you.

Some quirky poems

raw- very raw. Penned down as thought just flow.

There aint no dance, What is a ball? I counted leaves on the drawing floor-
till the end of time, he struts,
A blank page keeps no lover apart

another one.

A quiet lap across the dam, A swim back through the tunnel. Skiing past trees in winter, Toiling hard in summer.

not very beautiful, but im lazy to polish...

08 July, 2013


I would rather go swimming with great white sharks,
Than wade in romance,
'Cause I can never find the courage to ask her to dinner, or even to dance

- The Yacht Club - OwlCity ft. Lights

I really need to get back to being who I can be, not who I am comfortable being.

Chiong! Busy with two assingments but I should have no problems finishing them. All the best to me.

Besides, have I told you bout my great love for LUCIDA GRANDE

Best font.

27 June, 2013

Poem - Life

I wish I had self control.
And sought God in the things I didn't know.
And gird my heart like no tomorrow,
For if I did, there's no more sorrow.

26 June, 2013


Been busy busy busy!
At the current moment, it is 152 am! and I just rushed finish a 2 page article for my project, which is due tomorrow! So close! Oh wells, not my fault! Haha, I had to do it solo when it is a pair work. Well, it's ok. Nobody will judge me, right? :D
So yesterday I received my programming results, and thank God, it improved from 57.5% to 77.7%! Which means one more mark to A... but it's ok! Learning! Takes time man! I must practice and practice and practice!

However, more than all these, more than my constant blabbering about html and css, java, I must come to a place where reading the word of God is easy. I do not fathom why I find it so hard, but I begin to feel it. It is like, eating, but somehow as I eat I don't feel like eating. Which isn't good. 

So! I shall start reading and make it a commitment. Been reading acts, and getting the connect group to read it too. Hope they do! Really wanna strengthen them this season, but not sure how... well i guess i should pray! Haha! 

"And the people were of one accord."


24 June, 2013

I believe

Before the earth
Before all days
You knew me
Formed in Your image
Made in Your likeness
You loved me
The light of Your Word
the truth of Your promise
guides me
The power of Your mercy
the love of Your grace
deep inside
oh of me
It's the depths of Your love
moving in the depths of me
I believe
in the power of Your name
I believe
in the promise of faith
I believe
in the love of a God
Jesus, my Savior
I believe, I believe
I'm speaking to this mountain
to move into the ocean
with Your authority
given to me
No matter what happens
Here I am standing
on the hope of Your Word
promised to me
I believe.
Nothing is impossible to those who believe.
For with God, all things are possible.
One funny thing about me is, while I know many Bible verses, I dont know where they come from. Like the one above, I think it is from Matthew, and the previous part is with men it is impossible and it is about some rich young Guy. Haha! I guess I need to bring my memory up a notch! Haha!
Was reading my leader's blog, and I realise all the things that she feel, I felt before. Those insecurities... man. But I know that my God is able to do above and beyond all that I can ask or imagine(haha, yet another verse I don't know from which book of the Bible!) ;P
But Here I am standing, God, on the hope of Your word, promise to me.
I know that you have the best for me. Whether I will really go FT, or whatever... I know all you want me to be is to be happy.

23 June, 2013

Falling in love once again.

Wheeeeee. <3
Wheeeeee.  <3 <3 <3
Falling in love. Woohooo. :D

- Sidesteps to next topic -

So I have been reading acts chapters 1-3. Shall start reading acts, well I think it is good. Getting the cng to do it too. :D

This is a season to pray like never before.
Pray and read the word, nothing better can you do, than pray and read the word.

Good nights!

15 June, 2013

Being a Christ like customer

So last week, I was at a Burger shop I do not usually frequent. The thing is, that this shop sells a variety, huge variety of burgers. So what happened is that I am clueless of what to buy. As I was very hungry at that time, I asked the cashier a question: "What can fill me the best?" To which the cashier replied: "Just buy one of everything."


 Now even up to this point I still have no idea whether he was joking or serious. To which I stared at him angrily and decided, well I should just order. I then ask which he recommend, of which he chose one of the more pricey ones. I bought it nonetheless.

The point here is not what burger I bought in the end, but how I went about dealing with the situation. Had I been in a bad mood, I really wonder how I will react! Would I have behaved in a Christ like manner? Maybe not. Or maybe I have already demonstrated it when I restrained myself.

Main point is, when we are who we are, students, bosses, blue collar worker,  management executive, market analyst, janitor, lecturer, civil servant, insurance agent, it is easy for us to be Christ like. But when we are customers and in a society where lines such as "the customer is always right" exists, many times we get easily frustrated and dissatisfied, even at the littlest of things. 

However right now, I beseech you brethren, to always remain Christ like even at moments when you are king(or you think you are). For that would be a barometer for your Christlikeness.

Have a nice day.

04 June, 2013

SO I went to USS one day

A few photos from my trrip to USS.  Firstly, China DIMSUM 
Well, not bad a design, but I don't trust dimsum stalls like these :P

Speed limit of 30. Introverts, enjoy. :D

Police car, with a retro feel(mainly the badge)

Men Singing. I like. <3 :D

Yeah they're suave. :D

Kaye and Yuyang, my classmates. Giving me the death stare LOLS

Then there's cat woman, betty. She can purr, and she will bite. ;3

Siying and Sunyue chirping into the picture as I whiped out my phone. Nice timing.

Matthew, our senior. It was his birthday, woohoo!

Took a picture of this castle as my classmates(bottom of picture) were navigating through the map.

Oh, the flying spaghetti monster xD. Sesame street is really fun, and really, a great show. Must watch show for a kid.

Yuyang's back. LOL

Ooooh looooook it's glowinggggggggg

Transformer ride. Most fun of all.

Picture of me with my classmate, Amanda. Oh and photobomb LOLS

Photo that my classmates asked me to take. Sunyue and Amanda I believe.

Me with Max. Great guy.

Amanda Sunyue and Max.

Nigel Wenyong and Yuyang.

Siying Matthew Kaye Perlin


The All Spark. That's something awesome. 8D

And of course,  a picture of Singapore.

Universal Studios. Can you spot Singapore?

Damn that a fancy lamp.

And that was my journey. Was fun while it lasted. Now, back to doing pillars of life.