13 March, 2011

It is the holidays here in Singapore. I wonder, what is going on in the world right now. Recently, a tsunami and earthquake of magnitude 8.9 hit japan. though the impact was devastating, the aftershock, 6+ magnitude cause the troubles to stockpile. I doubt most of the people my age knows this, but first was Chernobyl in Ukraine, USSR, then TMI reactor II now another nuclear reactor. Fukushima. My opinions may be nothing.... but I will do what i can. I mean, come on, USSR, used to be one of the strongest country before disbanding, USA, the so called great country, and Japan, one of the biggest economy in asia, all caused so many problems. USA is also outrageous. having nuclear arms, you join UN. China, unable for the same reason. I am amazed at your democracy America. Electoral votes used instead of singular..... florida being the last, have Bush as the Brother the mayor..... the rigging of scores as blacks are alike. HOW I WISH IT WAS AL GORE RULING NOW. Cheaters they are. anyway..... absence makes the heart grow fonder is true, because mine did. I do not know why, but it is.

 English language. I will conquer you one day.

Looks like the people I told were only pc ivan winnie and some random people. They are really my good friends that I can share everything with them. How I Wish I could do that to everybody in the world. 

Show me how to live teach me how to pray.
I thank you Lord for all you have done in me 
For all that you have revealed.