13 October, 2014

Poem - Acceptance

What am I, if not a pawn in a plan far from the king, but still in his hand
Not many roads, nor people to seek
Much less victory before I am defeat.

The road is straight but that aint the way
For to move up we must go astray
To be at the end and to rise to the top
A simple mistake we surrender and flop.

The destiny's great and the future is big
For at the end of the day many choices we meet
But dreams are quenched when the master speaks
For sacrifices are made for the greater deed.


04 October, 2014

Poem - Apathetically numb

Shading upon a grey wall
Stabbing a dead man's gall
We live to breathe, but we dont conceive
Our ideas dont weave, insights not received.

Living in absence from the utmost vital part
Is it our lungs, or is it our heart?
What will change if we lose our soul
Will we turn to dust, what happens to our mould?

We chase the pieces of our puzzle
Not finding the puzzle board
Rat racing till the very end
we look for the Master's hand.

A lie, or truth; mystery foretold
Knowledge comes from sorrow
And the greatest answer that we seek
is from the grave that follows.