30 May, 2016

Poem: Adieu

Youre the hardest friend to lose, 
i'll be sad to see you go. 
But you have to know, 
it hurts for me to hold.

-ct, 5 Apr 2016

20 May, 2016

My Experience on Rainychat

So the other day I was reading https://www.reddit.com/r/infj and I came across this stickied post that says "Vent your problems or listen to one on Rainychat (rainychat.com). Completely anonymous."

Being the person that I am(no, not good hearted, by that I mean boreddddd), I went to rainy chat to take a look. 

You can either choose to be a 'Vent-er' or a 'Listener', so being the BORING person I am, I chose to listen because then I don't have to think of something to say(Aha!).

Well below is part of my conversation with a person called "Spell" while I am named Karma(the irony, I don't believe in Karma). This was our conversation bar the introductions because my internet connection died but luckily I still found the same person to chat with in the end, heh. 
The first part of our conversation was speaking about what Spell is doing, and he told me about his life, how he is studying in India, as a teenager in university in the field of IT, how it is his last semester and he is getting a little stressed. I think. 

But anyways, the 2nd part of our conversation is recorded below:

Me - Karma; Indian guy - Spell.

  • Spell: Hola!3:55
  • Karma: hola amigo3:56
  • Spell: What's up?3:56
  • Karma: I was on rainy chat and it just kicked me out. was talking to someone about IT and stuff. Oops i feel bad for the person :X What about you?3:56
  • Spell: Don't worry. I am the same person :smile:3:56
  • Karma: Ahhhh3:57
  • Karma: HI3:57
  • Karma: Ooops omg I don't know what happened3:57
  • Spell: It's normal here :pensive:3:57
  • Karma: Haha....3:57
  • Karma: So, what do you really want to do besides IT?3:57
  • Spell: Psychology, anthropology, architecture, literature and heck I am not sure.3:58
  • Karma: Hmm you mentioned literature. What authors are you a fan of?3:58
  • Spell: Kafka and Hemingway3:59
  • Spell: Are you interested in literature too?3:59
  • Karma: Me? I took in in secondary school as I enjoy reading. It was a joy and still is even though I'm more busy nowadays4:00
  • Karma: I prefer poems to books though :smile: Seem to convey good meaning and it is easier to finish than a book in a busy world we live in now4:00
  • Karma: How often do you read nowadays?4:01
  • Spell: Not too much, it's my last semester here so I am busy doing assignments etc.4:01
  • Karma: Ah...4:01
  • Karma: Are you holding on fine?4:02
  • Karma: Sometimes we don't pressurize ourselves, but the expectations from friends, parents and teachers can start to weigh us down.4:02
  • Spell: Not really but I am happy that it will be over within a week :smile:4:02
  • Karma: That's good! I wish you all the best that you will complete it and with time to spare. I presume these are individual assignments?4:03
  • Spell: Thanks :smile: and yes, they are!4:03
  • Spell: How is your life anyway?4:03
  • Karma: My life? hmm let's see4:04
  • Karma: I'm having a fun time at work, but not because it's programming but the colleagues who are there. It's really nice to have a good boss and colleagues, it makes the work less stressful? And also well there's money4:05
  • Karma: Money is good motivation for anything. :grinning: Now that I am earning my own keep I get to buy what I want. But I also start learning about importance to save too.4:05
  • Spell: haha yes, your environment does play a big role in your life.4:05
  • Karma: It's true! I have a sister, and she is a journalist. So as I see her manage her finances wherever she is(she works overseas and flies often as her job requires) I am inspired to manage it well too.4:06
  • Karma: Do you have any siblings?4:06
  • Spell: Yup, I am the youngest with 4 older siblings.4:07
  • Karma: Woahh. That's a big family compared to mine. My sister is my only playmate when I was young. Do you have a favourite sibling?4:07
  • Spell: Hahah no. I used to play a lot with my brother growing up, now he is busy with his education. Now, I spend much time with my sisters4:09
  • Karma: Ah ok. It's always nice to have siblings that you can spend time with. Occasionally me and my sister we go and have meals just two of us and spend some quality sibling-ship time, and talk about our lives. Even though she has a boyfriend, we are still very close-knitted and I think that is something that will not change. What do you usually do with your sisters? (:4:10
  • Spell: I don't know, we live with our parents so I guess we do almost everything together.4:12
  • Karma: Any particular memory you think is memorable?4:13
  • Spell: There are so many memories and I value those so much. Nothing really specific though4:14
  • Spell: Btw are you aware of mbti?4:14
  • Karma: yea kinda?4:14
  • Karma: that's how i found this website HAHA4:14
  • Spell: Infp here, what is your type?4:15
  • Karma: Infj :smile:4:15
  • Karma: My friends all say that I;m too extroverted to be an I tho, well i guess time will tell.4:15
  • Spell: I think they are right!4:16
  • Spell: You sound very extroverted too4:16
  • Karma: Haha you think so? I guess I could be Enfj. I do end up as a leader in my group projects often.4:16
  • Karma: I like infps though, i have quite a few infp friends4:16
  • Karma: They are often the quiet ones that watches out for others4:17
  • Spell: haha thanks :smile:4:17
  • Karma: Well I guess you like helping people?4:17
  • Spell: More like I want to understand them and sort out their problems4:18
  • Spell: I guess that is helping people?4:18
  • Karma: It is! It is a noble calling, what you have in mind. Do you often listen to people's problems? :smile:4:18
  • Spell: On rainychat usually..4:19
  • Spell: and friends4:19
  • Karma: I see...4:19
  • Spell: But here i am as a venter lol4:19
  • Karma: Just remember not to get too bogged down from their problems!4:19
  • Karma: The emotional baggage can be a bit too much sometimes4:20
  • Spell: This is the problem, I absorb almost everything, all their emotions and problems. One of the reason why I am here to vent. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:4:20
  • Spell: Talking to you has helped, you're so positive and I already feel good :smile:4:21
  • Karma: Haha I suddenly thought of you as a sponge, just soaking everything and washing all the dirt away from everyone else. Just remember that you should keep up with your reflecting! Maybe do some meditation of sorts. Even sponges get dirty too :smile:4:22
  • Karma: You deserve to be clean and fresh too4:22
  • Spell: lol what a beautiful imagination you have!4:23
  • Spell: Yeah I know.Thanks for listening and helping out :smile:4:23
  • Karma: It's been my pleasure. Never chatted with someone from India before, and guess what? I enjoyed it thoroughly!4:23
  • Karma: You have a nice pleasant personality, so remember that!4:24
  • Karma: Have you tried cycling? If you could cycle to some nature park or serene place, I think you would find some peace and serenity which would help you :smile:4:25
  • Spell: It has been my pleasure too.4:25
  • Spell: Yeah I like to walk in nature, probably the best thing in the world!4:25
  • Karma: same for me! I like to jog and just enjoy the canopy shade. It has always been one of my joys and it helps me keep myself healthy too. Sitting too long in front of the computer isn't very good sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:4:26
  • Spell: That's nice!4:27
  • Spell:https://www.reddit.com/r/books/comments/4h43vd/what_books_do_you_reckon_are_unfilmable/?sort=top4:27
  • Spell: Read the top comment, something you might find funny4:27
  • Karma: "I couldn't stop watching. Literally. It contained an infinite loop" -The New York Times4:28
  • Karma: HAHAHAHA4:28
  • Spell: hahaha xD4:28
  • Karma: I would certainly watch such a movie! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I might face a problem of being a nuisance in the movie theater from laughing too loud though... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:4:30
  • Karma: Hey a riddle for you!4:30
  • Karma: Who is fatter, the introvert or the extrovert?4:30
  • Karma: :grinning:4:30
  • Spell: Introverts I think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:4:31
  • Spell: what's the answer?4:31
  • Karma: Guess why? It's a lame joke4:31
  • Karma: HAHA4:31
  • Karma: Because introverts always need more "space"4:31
  • Karma: *chuckles*4:31
  • Spell: hahaha, your chuckle is even more funnier though lol4:32
  • Karma: haha, it's a lame joke i saw somewhere. Always thought it to be pretty funny.4:32
  • Karma: I guess i often read the internet for such jokes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It always helps me to not be so serious4:33
  • Karma: Sometimes we can get too cooped up with studies, work so it's always nice to take a breather and enjoy life as it comes!4:33
  • Spell: Right!4:34
  • Spell: Thanks Mr/Ms. Programmer! :grinning:4:34
  • Karma: no problem4:34
  • Karma: are you going for lunch?4:34
  • Karma: I am waiting for dinner now while snacking4:35
  • Spell: No, I am going to pray first..will eat lunch later4:36
  • Spell: Wow, you sure love food!4:36
  • Karma: Ahh haha... yes food is good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:4:36
  • Karma: oh okay! It's always good to pray :smile:4:36
  • Spell: Yeah, do you believe in God?4:37
  • Karma: yes! I'm a christian4:37
  • Karma: what about you?4:37
  • Spell: Yeah, I am Muslim :smile:4:37
  • Karma: oh that's nice!4:37
  • Karma: I have quite a number of muslim friends, they are always very polite4:38
  • Spell: That's nice. :smile:4:38
  • Spell: Anyway I gotta go :smile:4:38
  • Karma: All right!4:38
  • Karma: no problem :smile: hope we meet again!4:38
  • Spell: It was nice talking to you. Thanks again :smile:4:38
  • Karma: enjoy your prayers and lunch :smile:4:38
  • Spell: haha ok4:38
  • Spell: bye4:38
  • Karma: Bye! :smile:4:39
  • Your partner left. Have a nice day!

Thought of the day #1

Being smart means you're quick witted. Being wise means you're experienced.

Being smart can save you from disastrous situations, but being wise means you never fall into such a situation.

So, which do you want to be?

20 May 16