29 September, 2012

Having a heart

Luke 17:10
So likewise you, when you have done all the things which were commanded, say, 'We are unprofitable servants. We have done what was our duty to do.'
Unprofitable means not yielding profit, or financial gain.
To me: it means to produce zero personal gain.
Servants means a person who performd duties for others, one in a state of subjection or bondage. One who serves, or does services voluntarily or on compulsion; a person who is employed by another for menial offices, or for other labour, and is subject to his command; a person who labours or exerts himself for the benefit of another, his master or employer, as a subordinate helper.
To me: Someone who serves, following the exact instruction and direction to the fullest possible.
Thus to me, an unprofitable servant is:
Someone who serves following the instructions given to him exactly, to the fullest possible while not generating any personal gain.
If we are to serve the Lord Jesus for the rest of our lives, we have to have a heart set for the kingdon, setting our eyes on the things above, making a paradigm shift in our mindset, so that when we serve God, we are able to do it wuth a pure heart.
2chronicles 25:2
And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, but not with a loyal(true) heart
2 kings 14:3
And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, yet not like his father David...
When we do the things of the Lord, we must do it thinking about the will of God, not our will(self centeredness). It is only when we do it unto the Lord l, no agenda,not about the desire for praise, not about the desire for recognition.
Attitude counts more than achievements.
As we carry out our duties with a cheerful and willing heart, the we can say what was written in verse ten;
So likewise you, when you have done all these things which were commanded, say, we are unprofitable servants. We have done what was our duty to do.
Thanks for reading! Just sharing my 2 cents of revelation.
Because I think it is very scary when we do the right things for the wrong reason, and God will actually look at that.
I am now more convicted to pray and do all the things I do, now for the right reason(:
I pray you are too.
Don't do things for a moral obligation, don't come church for a religious routine, but whatever you do, do it heartily unto the Lord. (:
To aspire to become like David, a man after God's own heart.(:
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26 September, 2012

Newton's law.

Every cause has an effect. When something is done, a result will appear. Even when the thing done produce no result, there actually is a result.
Even when for example, you push a wall, but nothing happens, something actually happens and the thing that happens unconsciously is that you lose energy.

What I am talking about today is snowball off a hill. When a snow ball runs down the hill, don't we love to stand halfway between the hill and push it? And the thing is this, our push has very little effect on it's already tremendous speed, but what has more effect is that our palms upon contact with the ball, steers it a little off its original direction, a little left, a little right. Now there's someone standing at the bottom of the hill and he is your teammate, and his task is to catch the ball. Whereas you and the rest of your friends try to steer the ball towards him, his task still remains impeccably more difficult-pressing the stop button on the bomb, which lies in the snowball.
It is a race against time as if he misses, it will hit the old granny's home, and the old granny, weal and fragile inside, does not know about the bomb. Thus little noise is allowed.
You and your friends try to push and assist your , and as it approaches your teammate, your teammate stops it- but not quite.

He failed to hit the middle of the bomb.

His hands were a centimetre wide, and he broke the snowball.

The bomb fluttered a little along with the snowflakes, and your teammate in devastation, runs and dived and clutch the bomb.

It's still ticking but he couldn't hear it under his own tears and cries in desperation.

It exploded as the rest of you watched, stunned.

As his teacher saw it, he gasped. The teacher was befuddled as a limb broke.

Wha-t happened???

Who was responsible?!

But knowing their game, and after realising the whole thing was the team's idea, and that the teammate has actually volunteered for the fun of it, the teacher became full of angst and was in utter despair.
He was dismayed.
That teammate.... was a good student.
Many a times he was the cheery pupil, sensible and full of knowledge- but this time he came short.
The teacher did not know what to do.
He just knelt beside the child and said, please, for the love of God, wake up.

He woke.

But after the moment of enlightenment that the child wasn't really hurt, and that limb that seemed broken, a part was actually buried in the snow, the teacher's remorse, changed to anger.

The other pupils stand at attention, bewildered.

Why did the teacher change so fast?

Is he going to be ok?

And that form teacher, said only one sentence.
"Let's go to my office and talk."

The child went.
After all, nothing much was wrong.
The bomb was after all just a self made jack in the box with snow.
Not really snow but more of a big ice cube. The icecube merely hit his hand, but due to the sheer size of the icecube, it was scary.

What was more scary is what is about to happen

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19 September, 2012


Well so what's going on in my life?
So i have been busy reading up news, just trying to make sense.
well like the iphone 5 news, along with samsung and its new camera and stuff~
nokia lumia 920, with it's in house gps....
just so muh tech news.

also been trying to keep up with the stocks of apple, which have already crossed 700.
not to mention, a whopping 2million iphones preordered within 24 hours.
not only that but the presidential race, mitt romney and obama, with obama being on reddit and stuff...
i havent had much time for survivor.
but new season with russel swan of galu(samoa) coming back, it would be fun.
and now off to sleep!

lastupdate: im buying a blacklightattack shirt!
search blacklightattack kbmod shirt and you will see it!

17 September, 2012

The way i treat my friends.

Well everyone treats people differently.
For me, I have treated you differently from others subconsciously.
Not my fault.:)
I try my best to be equal to all, but as animal farm goes, some are more equal than others.
(Gosh, i love animal farm.)
Acquaintances: hey, hi, whatsup? Yea man~, hi 5!
Friends: hey look, cheesecake!
Good friends: loooook, cheeseeecakeee, look, birddddd, heheeheeheeeehehehhheheheheheehehehhee
, eh sorry ah, heehee.
Hey, how are you? :D
Inserts lame joke
Talks about personality stuff, world, politics.
Close friends: everything in good friends,
Random shouting,
Explaining of my ways and methods,
moar personality stuff,
Very bullying side of me,
Very caring side of me,
Trolling people till they laugh on the floor,
Allow you to troll me till i'm on the floor.
(Actually, yes. I have been rolling on the floor laughing many times in 2011.... )
Survivor is coming(((((:

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10 September, 2012

The art of conversation- building friendships.

Wait what. That's not what i want the title to say. It is suppose to say, awesome friendships i have.

So yea, this is a repost of another infj(:
Makes so much sense.
Till now, I have not found a single infj who makes lesser sense than me. Proves something.(:

The Best Kind of Friendship
Not long ago, I was asked to describe what friendship means to me. I thought about the friendships that have meant so much to me throughout my life and what made them so special.
This is what I think matters the most…

-You trust each other.
You can tell each other anything, without any fear that it will be repeated or used against you. - You can always be your true selves. You feel secure telling each other what you really think and feel, no matter how weird it is. You know that they won’t judge or belittle you. Even if they can’t relate, they will appreciate it as part of you.

-You are loyal to each other.
You know where you stand with each other at all times, regardless of the circumstances. - You defend each other. If someone said something untrue or malicious about you, they wouldn’t hesitate for a second to defend you.
-You truly care about each other’s happiness.
You each show interest and concern for the others well-being, and genuinely want them to be happy.
-You learn about each other’s interests.
You want to learn more about their interests, hobbies and goals, even when they aren’t shared interests, because they are an important part of both of your lives.
-You support each other.
You support each other through life’s challenges, such as by listening, encouraging and offering a helping hand. No matter how busy things get, without hesitation, you would always be there for each other when it mattered.
-You push each other to do the best you can.
A good friend sees all that you can be and wants to see you succeed, even if they have to be hard on you sometimes to push you along.
-You can laugh together.
You can laugh over life’s ups and downs, your shared experiences and your “inside jokes.”
-You find ways to let each other know that you think about them.
Even if you don’t see each other as often as you would like, you find ways to let the other one know they are important to you - that you are thinking of them even when you are apart and are always hoping they are doing well. We should all be so lucky as to have at least a few of these people in our lives. If you do, and you’ve never told them what they mean to you, maybe now is the time. :)
May my friendship with my close friends last long...(:

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The art of conversation-remembering names.

A repost of Pastor Rick Warren, one of the biggest churches in America, senior pastor of Saddleback Church in America.

Pastor, you set the tone and atmosphere in your congregation. If you want to know the warmth of your church, put the thermometer in your own mouth.
I’ve visited some churches where the pastor’s lack of love is the main reason the church isn’t growing. Some pastors, by their cold demeanor and lack of personal warmth, virtually guarantee that visitors won’t come back. And in some larger churches, I’ve gotten the impression that the pastor loves an audience but doesn’t like people.
Great preaching without love is just noise in God’s view.
Every time I speak to at Saddleback, I repeat a simple reminder to myself. I never preach or teach without thinking this:
“Father, I love you and you love me. I love these people and you love these people. Love these people through me. This is not an audience to be feared but a family to be loved. There is no fear in love; perfect love casts out all fear.”
Let me suggest some practical ways that you can demonstrate your love:
Memorize names.
Remembering names shows that you’re interested in people. Nothing sounds sweeter to a second-time visitor than hearing you use his or her name. While I don’t have a particularly good memory, I work hard at remembering names. In the early years of Saddleback, I took pictures of people and made flash cards to help me remember their names. I knew every person’s name in our church up to about 3,000 in attendance. After that my brain fried.
I ask new members in the membership class to tell me their names on three different occasions to help me remember it. When you work hard at remembering people’s names, it pays great relational dividends.
Personally greet people before and after services. Be approachable. Don’t hide out in your study.
For the first three years of our church, we met in a fenced-in high school where everyone had to exit through the same gate. Each week, I personally greeted every person that came to our church. They couldn’t get out without passing by me! One of the best ways to warm up a crowd is to meet as many people as you can before you speak to them. Get out among the crowd and talk to people. It shows you are interested in them personally. Touch people.
At Saddleback we believe in a high-touch ministry. We give a lot of hugs and handshakes and pats on the back. Today our society is filled with lonely people who are starving for the affirmation of a loving touch. So many individuals live by themselves and have told me the only loving physical contact they ever get is at church. When I hug somebody on Sunday morning, I often wonder how long that hug will have to last.
Study the ministry of Jesus and you see the powerful affect of giving people a look, a word, and a touch. Look people in the eyes when you talk with them. Eye contact says, “You matter to me.” Give everyone a word of encouragement. Offer a warm, personal touch to show you really care.
Use a warm, personal style in writing to visitors. We have a series of letters I’ve written to first-time, second-time, and third-time visitors, telling them how glad we are to see them. I don’t sign them with “Dr. Warren” or even “Pastor Warren.” I simply sign them as “Rick.” I want visitors to feel they can relate to me on a first-name basis. If you send a letter to visitors, write it like you talk to people, not in stilted, formal language. I received a visitor letter once that said, “Our church would like to acknowledge your presence with us last Sunday and extend to you a cordial invitation to return on the next Lord’s Day.” Does anyone really talk like that? Instead say, “It was really great to have you. Hope you can come back.” One of the most important issues every pastor must decide is whether you want to impress people or influence them. You can impress people from a distance but you have to get up close to people to love and influence them.

I am truly impacted to remember my cell group member's names and the new friend's names! It is SO IMPORTANT! (; Striving towards excellence~

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