27 June, 2013

Poem - Life

I wish I had self control.
And sought God in the things I didn't know.
And gird my heart like no tomorrow,
For if I did, there's no more sorrow.

26 June, 2013


Been busy busy busy!
At the current moment, it is 152 am! and I just rushed finish a 2 page article for my project, which is due tomorrow! So close! Oh wells, not my fault! Haha, I had to do it solo when it is a pair work. Well, it's ok. Nobody will judge me, right? :D
So yesterday I received my programming results, and thank God, it improved from 57.5% to 77.7%! Which means one more mark to A... but it's ok! Learning! Takes time man! I must practice and practice and practice!

However, more than all these, more than my constant blabbering about html and css, java, I must come to a place where reading the word of God is easy. I do not fathom why I find it so hard, but I begin to feel it. It is like, eating, but somehow as I eat I don't feel like eating. Which isn't good. 

So! I shall start reading and make it a commitment. Been reading acts, and getting the connect group to read it too. Hope they do! Really wanna strengthen them this season, but not sure how... well i guess i should pray! Haha! 

"And the people were of one accord."


24 June, 2013

I believe

Before the earth
Before all days
You knew me
Formed in Your image
Made in Your likeness
You loved me
The light of Your Word
the truth of Your promise
guides me
The power of Your mercy
the love of Your grace
deep inside
oh of me
It's the depths of Your love
moving in the depths of me
I believe
in the power of Your name
I believe
in the promise of faith
I believe
in the love of a God
Jesus, my Savior
I believe, I believe
I'm speaking to this mountain
to move into the ocean
with Your authority
given to me
No matter what happens
Here I am standing
on the hope of Your Word
promised to me
I believe.
Nothing is impossible to those who believe.
For with God, all things are possible.
One funny thing about me is, while I know many Bible verses, I dont know where they come from. Like the one above, I think it is from Matthew, and the previous part is with men it is impossible and it is about some rich young Guy. Haha! I guess I need to bring my memory up a notch! Haha!
Was reading my leader's blog, and I realise all the things that she feel, I felt before. Those insecurities... man. But I know that my God is able to do above and beyond all that I can ask or imagine(haha, yet another verse I don't know from which book of the Bible!) ;P
But Here I am standing, God, on the hope of Your word, promise to me.
I know that you have the best for me. Whether I will really go FT, or whatever... I know all you want me to be is to be happy.

23 June, 2013

Falling in love once again.

Wheeeeee. <3
Wheeeeee.  <3 <3 <3
Falling in love. Woohooo. :D

- Sidesteps to next topic -

So I have been reading acts chapters 1-3. Shall start reading acts, well I think it is good. Getting the cng to do it too. :D

This is a season to pray like never before.
Pray and read the word, nothing better can you do, than pray and read the word.

Good nights!

15 June, 2013

Being a Christ like customer

So last week, I was at a Burger shop I do not usually frequent. The thing is, that this shop sells a variety, huge variety of burgers. So what happened is that I am clueless of what to buy. As I was very hungry at that time, I asked the cashier a question: "What can fill me the best?" To which the cashier replied: "Just buy one of everything."


 Now even up to this point I still have no idea whether he was joking or serious. To which I stared at him angrily and decided, well I should just order. I then ask which he recommend, of which he chose one of the more pricey ones. I bought it nonetheless.

The point here is not what burger I bought in the end, but how I went about dealing with the situation. Had I been in a bad mood, I really wonder how I will react! Would I have behaved in a Christ like manner? Maybe not. Or maybe I have already demonstrated it when I restrained myself.

Main point is, when we are who we are, students, bosses, blue collar worker,  management executive, market analyst, janitor, lecturer, civil servant, insurance agent, it is easy for us to be Christ like. But when we are customers and in a society where lines such as "the customer is always right" exists, many times we get easily frustrated and dissatisfied, even at the littlest of things. 

However right now, I beseech you brethren, to always remain Christ like even at moments when you are king(or you think you are). For that would be a barometer for your Christlikeness.

Have a nice day.

04 June, 2013

SO I went to USS one day

A few photos from my trrip to USS.  Firstly, China DIMSUM 
Well, not bad a design, but I don't trust dimsum stalls like these :P

Speed limit of 30. Introverts, enjoy. :D

Police car, with a retro feel(mainly the badge)

Men Singing. I like. <3 :D

Yeah they're suave. :D

Kaye and Yuyang, my classmates. Giving me the death stare LOLS

Then there's cat woman, betty. She can purr, and she will bite. ;3

Siying and Sunyue chirping into the picture as I whiped out my phone. Nice timing.

Matthew, our senior. It was his birthday, woohoo!

Took a picture of this castle as my classmates(bottom of picture) were navigating through the map.

Oh, the flying spaghetti monster xD. Sesame street is really fun, and really, a great show. Must watch show for a kid.

Yuyang's back. LOL

Ooooh looooook it's glowinggggggggg

Transformer ride. Most fun of all.

Picture of me with my classmate, Amanda. Oh and photobomb LOLS

Photo that my classmates asked me to take. Sunyue and Amanda I believe.

Me with Max. Great guy.

Amanda Sunyue and Max.

Nigel Wenyong and Yuyang.

Siying Matthew Kaye Perlin


The All Spark. That's something awesome. 8D

And of course,  a picture of Singapore.

Universal Studios. Can you spot Singapore?

Damn that a fancy lamp.

And that was my journey. Was fun while it lasted. Now, back to doing pillars of life.