11 September, 2011

Yup. Its a post.

Anyway since not many would see this, i dont mind saying some stuff. Now that joseph and lester are off, i have only one tutor left-jian xiong. And he's cool. He is good at physics. But after two weeks. I will be left alone. But it's ok. I can study on my own. I have made my own note for science in psle, and i already did for physics. What's left is just chemistry, math(both), and my humanities(poa and ss and lit) other than that, everything is cool.
I learnt how to play always by erasure already. So happy.
Something else that could make me happy-->someone reading this and say something. Someone I KNOW. like seriously. But I'm fine. The serenity level of my blog keeps me calm as well.
And for the last time, i do not like anyone now.
Haiz... Bye. I will still survive.
Survivor south pacific is starting soon. Do catch it this thursday, sg chn5,evening(arnd 5)+8GMT. Bye.

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