03 July, 2012

Repost and something personal

Repost from Pastor Paul Scanlon's blog

Yet again, I’m at the airport!

I am surrounded by thousands of passengers, most of which are not are not here for my plane. I can’t understand why? Because frankly, I think my airline and chosen destination are far better than many others listed on the departure boards.

Yet despite so many not joining us, once aboard the pilot doesn’t start his announcements by saying how upset he is that more people didn’t chose his flight.

He doesn’t take it personally that out of so many, so few have chosen to fly with him and enjoy both his and his cabin crew’s many years of experience, he simply welcomes us on board as his passengers and takes responsibility for the duration of the flight, however long or short it is.

As we leave the plane we are thanked for flying that airline and encouraged to choose them again because, if we fly with them regularly, we can get frequent flyer awards and other benefits.

I think as leaders (or pilots) we can learn from this. Not everybody is going to choose to fly with you so don’t take it personally.

Serve those who did choose you for as long as they’re on board, be it long or short haul because not everyone is a long haul passenger – some just need a lift to the next place and chose you to take them there, so welcome them aboard.
If you serve them well, they may chose to fly with you again or recommend you to other travelers.

Always remember that every frequent flyer was once a first time passenger. Some will become life-long partners with your airline, others will use you just for certain kinds of trips, and on any given day your plane will be full of all types of travelers, from platinum level to day trippers.

Your job as captain and crew is not to park at the gate hoping more will get on board or envying the long queue for other flights, it is to serve those who chose you.

People choose airlines and flights for all manner of reasons and ours is not to question why, ours is just to serve and fly!

Thank you for choosing to read my blog and take this short flight with me today. I look forward to welcoming you on board again soon

This is from me to all who read my blog, whether frequent, blogwalker, or anyone. Do continue reading if you enjoy. I am tired. Yawn,

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