06 August, 2012

Optimist/Pessimist? Oh please, it's about the logic behind it.

Ok so, I have heard of this question many times, wonder about you guys.
"Is the glass half full or half empty?"
And people go like, oh if you see it as half full you are an optimist and if you see it as half empty you are a pessimist.
And I went and said: "Bullshit!"
Now when people ask me this question, I will ask them if the glass was full or empty before the action was done to make it half. If it was filled to the brim and then emptied, then it's half empty. If it was empty and then filled, it would be half full.
But of course, those people who just wanted to know which "characteristic" you are just to judge you will make this face -.-
And i get very angry because firstly, I am stating my point of view. If you don't like it, you think I'm trying to be lame/disturb you, or whatever reason, I would like to say this- that emoticon, no matter in what context, doesn't deserve to be used. I have told myself not to use that emoticon many times because what others say or do can make you pissed off, but you dont have to do anything(including emoticons) to tell people you are pissed off. If you don't like it, or do not approve it, just say it nicely or kindly move aside, Request to leave the conversation a while and cool down. In fact, whenever I see that emoticon, I immediately feel angry and would like to flame the person. But I don't because I know that the other party is only upset/angry/disturbed at the moment.
Bottom line is this, while you may be trykng to prove a point and show everyone that you're witty, others may have their two cents worth of appropriate ideas. Even if you do not accept it, just bear with it because what good you do when you ruin the mood? In fact, I rather be patient and keep a happy go lucky attitude then spoil someone else"s mood. Why? Because whatever others may say, do not let it affect you, for why should people's tongue cause you to be provoked? But, if others DO(not say but do) something to you, then it's a different story. Understood? Good.
Post Script: I have nothing against such questions like half full or empty, but only if the question is backed by people of psychological experience or the question really makes sense. These people do not include: Popular pop stars, people with this thing called "swag", people who are famous for "cool shitz" and people with these so called "true facts/quotes/memes".
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