12 July, 2013

It is a culture of conformity.

I looked back to last year.
And I noticed something very subtle, but very true.

I changed the way I dress for school.

When I was in NYP SIDM, which is the school of digital media, all was funky and cool.
I dressed (rather)stylishly whenever I go to school.

But when I went to another course, an IT course, I changed. I wore slipper shorts and t-shirts, which would have been a no-no to me last year.

Why the sudden change?

Because when I am a IT student, I am no longer a graphic design student. I lose my passion for creativity. I became a rectangular box without its edges. An aluminium phone suitable for one handed typing.

Which shouldn't be the case.

I should be like a Sony Xperia Phone, beautiful, good to behold.

But what caused me to dress with such sloppiness?


In SIT(School of IT), the modules touched on are programming, law, math, wed design, and psychology.
However in Digital Media School, We had to crack our brain for animation ideas, story boarding techniques, drawing beautifully with good shading in terms of gradient, painting.
We had to think funkily.

As compared to thinking logically.

And when you think about it logically,
it is not that non media or non design students have no fashion sense,
it is that they have been hard wired through school to dress logically.

Thus, only those who dress to impress, or dress to maintain a certain perception, would dress up.

However, media and design students will dress up because, hey, why not.
Dressing nice, will make me feel nice. When I feel nice, my life will be nice.

Dress logically. No one bothers, who shall judge? Whoever judges will be judged. And by all.

Thus, what point am i trying to make here?

That it is not to blame a person for his change in behavior if there is a change in the setting of the culture of the environment he is in.

Good day to you.

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