10 February, 2014

Writing your life

When I first started my teens, what I wanted to do was clear: I wanted to do something- great. What I didn't realize is: Pure talent and sheer analysis is not enough- hard work is key.

Well, now I am entering the last(or second last) year of my teenage life and honestly, I couldn't have made it better.

I went through a few unexpected challenges, and I went through them all.
Dealing with introversion and an anxiety issue was not easy, as I often force myself to open up to people who are quiet during class.

Going through my secondary school life as a nerd, I proceeded to my polytechnic journey thinking "come on, whatever I pick, my sheer analysis and talent will get me out". Oh how wrong I was.

It was only then that I discovered that while I may actually have only a tad of talent, it was all analysis that got me through my first stint of polytechnic life, and the first two semesters of my second stint at this pre university stage of my life.

I discovered my love for typography, and while I am not putting in much work, I am able to analyze fonts with a little ease.

However, more importantly as I begin to pick up coding I realize that coding really isn't my forte. Despite knowing that with persistence I would make an above par programmer, I refused, turning to look at honing my skills at new found games Team Fortress 2 as well as Dota 2, which I happen to pick up after watching the last match of the Grand Finals of a 2013 competition.

Gaming is not my forte, but still i dare say that I managed to learn much from it.
Teamwork is essential everywhere, and most of all the ability to accept.

When I do a project, I always had a mentality that I will control my game, I will control my destiny. I want to be in control, as well as be the director of the show.
It may be due to ego, however I feel that it is due to my insecurities to accept others handling my fate with their hands.

But I learnt that in life, if you could not trust anyone, you could lead a life. But in this life you will not have much close friends.

If you are out there and you have read till this point, I have finally begun.
Whenever a person is leading his or her life, they face many things that they feel are unfathomable. I am sure you do too.

Maybe you are not facing any conflicts. Well take a look at the people around you. Do you often have opinions about them that are, more often than not, negative?
Change that perspective.

Humans are not all bad.
Humans are evil creatures yes.
However, humans try their best to suppress their evil nature.

Humans that fail to suppress their evil intentions turn bad.


Love is key.

I always have on my facebook a list of quotes which remind me to get out and be motivated while I face the world.

My Quotes

But more than that, several quotes speak of love.

Love. Fall in love and stay in love. Write only what you love and love what you write. The key word is love. You have to get up in the morning and write something you love, something to love for. -Ray Bradbury

This quote is not just for authors or budding writers.

Everyday when you live your life, you are writing your story.  If you do not get up and live a life you love, then there is no point in writing at all.

That is why I changed my course.

Even though I was writing something I love, but I did not stay in love.
Right now, I'm doing coding. Do I love it? Not as much, but I quite like it.
Am I fond of it? Not really. But I like doing coding, I have fun.

I get up, and I go "Aww man, gonna code again><". However, when I get to learn something cool about coding, I am always there to make sure I understand.

You must be able to get up and do what you love. If not there is no point.


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