28 April, 2014

Change course?

So today I read a post on facebook(NYP confessions)


(#1608) -- (#152 post of 2014) -- I need serious advice here. Its a long post...
Hard time adapting and sorry for my terrible, terrible English.

Im starting to be really shitty for my course.., i lost the motivation and i dont even know whether if i can like withstand this course for how long. I wish i didn't pick this course but i went for the interview and they let me in. Im in year2 this year, and i have shitty gpa like 2 in year 1. I know im self-pitying myself right now and blaming everything except for myself. I cant adapt to this new course and environments. Moreover , I dont dare to seek help or anything. I think i don't even like art now. Its an Art course. I want to ask if its possible to change course but will it be like no subsidies at all ? By the way, the art course is really good for others but i just doesn't fit in .

The standard difference of myself to the requirements is way too high. Its like if you don't do shit now, you will keep falling behind like a deep black hole, even u try its still a shit grade.

I have been battling with my mind like stepping out but i keep pulling myself back to the hole. And worse, im lazy as fuck to the point its like aaaaaaaaaaa.

Theres no one i can tell since no one is able to trust.
I'm going to try for counselling but i doubt if it will work out since last time i went on secondary school, they don't give a shit n i just struggle through. The only difference is I seem to give much, much lesser effort compared in poly than secondary. I dont even want my future job to be related to my course. I also doubt if i can half study and uni like what my mum wants.

There is so much needed to change like emotionally , physically like being punctual , the fundalmentals and the current requirement.
I'm so lost right now. 

Have you ever wanted to change your course?
Well, I did. After my first semester in Motion Graphics, I realized that well, there are certain things out there which aren't cut out for me. And one of it is design.
I still love typography, I still get the creeps when my team mate uses comic sans ms or arial for the project report. I still like to learn shit like kerning. BUT THAT DOES NOT EQUATE TO ME HAVING THE TALENT FOR DESIGN,

How do I know if I should change my course?

Here's a list, and if you end up ticking most of the checklist, change your polytechnic course before it is too late:

1. I dread going to school.
2. I have no motivation for the subject.
3. I do not see myself successful in this field in 10 years.
4. I am not fascinated by most of the modules taught by my lecturers.
5. I have a GPA below 2.6.
6. I cannot remember what was taught last lecture.
7. I would change course right now in a blink.
8. I am only in it because of my friends/family/money.
9. I do not know what I want to do.

For me, I had 5 out of the 8 on top. I withdrew after the first semester, and I went to work. In February 2013, I applied for Business Intelligence & Analytics  in Nanyang Polytechnic and I got in and I am enjoying my course right now. I do Java now, and I am learning android programming. My grades are not say fantastic, average. 2.84. But I am loving the course. And that is what matters.


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