05 August, 2014

Getting Back on Track

Ever felt that you are behind schedule on many things and have no idea how to overcome all these things when all you want to do is to die?

So, how do you escape that?

Step 1:
When you have many things coming at you on all sides, take a deep breath and have a nice cool drink.
Relax, soothe yourself. Find somewhere secluded and comfortable and prepare some paper and a pen.

Step 2:
List down the things that you need to complete within the next one month. These could be simple tasks that you need to do, like cleaning your cupboard, to finishing some reports.
Don't list down mundane things that you would do, like eating unless you do not eat on time and properly, of course.

Step 3: Take a look at the list and now write them down on another piece of paper in accordance of priority to complete. Now put the header as TO DO LIST. Staple it somewhere, put it on a post it notes(the top 5 things to be done), if you have a white board at home next to your bed that would be great. Put it on a note widget of your phone, or simply set it as your wall paper to constantly remind yourself about it. Place a note onto your desktop, stick it around somewhere. Set Alarms with descriptions do task A.

Step 4: Do one of the tasks(as high priority as possible immediately! Do not waste time at all. Even if you are unable to do the task straight away, Plan out, map out how you may go about doing that task. If it is to pick up a cake for your friends birthday, set an alarm for it, write down a note, call someone and ask him/her to remind you about it in 3 hours time. Get going with it!

Step 5: Whittle down your list and give yourself a break after every 1 or 2 items. A break is probably a 1 hour break to a night's off. Depending on how much time you have!
Take a break, but don't take a long vacation. Build up on the momentum and get things done fast.

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