20 April, 2011

Influence- some are born with it, some use means to get it, some earn it. Influence, normally, this is what makes people do things they want them to do. Influential people are lee kuan yew, that attractive girl many of your school mates talk about, some cool guy in your class, the talk of the town pop star, that handsome teacher, friend, that mesmerised your eyes. Hitler is one. Some people worked their ways up the ladder, respected by people. This causes their way of thinking to be changed to mimic that of the person. Those born with it are the pretty and handsome people of your class. Some of them have followers, head over heels and spun around by them. Many people who have a bad influence are good people. Forced by nature, and along eith their self assurance they give themselves, they so not regret till the last minute. Their influential radius are huge, causing people around to turn bad if they are without determination and will power. They tend to be head of cliques.
Luckily, my clique requires nothing to join. Maybe because we are all accepting? Haha. We have only one thing in common- being somewhat good at math. We also screw teachers together. Why not I name them.
Andrew-creator of lions club.
Trolls with self made questions to give teachers a hard time.
Creator of logo.
Able to condense a whole year worth of notes on two pages.(physics)

Heok yong
Superb at math, rendering teacher speechless at times.

Kai hwee
A hai zei. Or pirate.
Also known as kai ge.
Forces teacher to take mc.
Extremely good at punching.
Treats heok yong as "nemesis"

Jun peng
Extremely hardworking at times.
Best work ethic.

irritating at times, to both students at teachers.

Tian yong
Gobstopper fan
Survivor fan!!!:) oh wait no link.
Anime fanatic.
Science awesomeness.

Marvellous engliah language.
Quantum physics.
Neatest among us all.
Aspiring story writer.

Twists words to change original meaning someone said.
Every start of accounting period, annoys the teacher with a random quote.

And thats us.

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