09 April, 2011

Sup guys? been a long while ye, i know. Sorry for the failure of not putting a post up... Been a challenging month.
Japan is getting hit by waves after waves of tsunamis and earthquakes. I think you, whoever yoi are know that. What is the key is that this is the time where we can show love! How? Come on, you know how to. If you are that weak, google this: donation to red cross- japan. And then you DONATE. japan- country whose history is warfare, practise shinto(95%), the rest5%. but more importantly, whatever religion you are, pray,just pray that japan will not get hit even worse.
However, it has been a month.
Now to survivor.
Matt is awesome.:D

Its different this time. I need support. Coz i also want to thank God for this chance. Of all the possible students, ppl that top the class like meng ern is not selected. Silence topper li qim- denied.
I want to win this.
Hopefully, i win and get a dsa to pjc or something.

Moreover, i need you Lord.
Be still and know, yes i will, be still and know that- you are God.

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