06 April, 2012

well, yea.
My phone is um well. Dead.
so yea.
My problem is I have no idea how i am going to tell my dad.
But mai plan is to tell him i left it with my friend, she brought it to repair, and it will take 2-4 weeks.
then within this two to four weeks, get an iphone 4. how? idk.
All I know is that my current plan is to buy a iphone 4(have to be iphone 4 cause it's micro sim, and it's under my dad's name.) for like 550 dollars.
so i will borrow $50 from 11 people.
if i dont hit enough people. i might turn to my secret plan2.
if i have like 300-450~, i would rent an iphone.(yes i'm despo) and fake it that that's mine.
My dad wont check the imei.
so yea.
If someone has any iota what to do, please i sincerely beg you to tweet me @cricantrail thank you.
plan 1 better work.

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