21 October, 2012

So yea.

Yup. This is what I always do.
Set new trends and never keeping it for long but, Yea.
So I just posted a poem by WIlliam Blake, Tyger(it should be below) and I just want to say it is an excellent poem, sound so much better and feels more awesome when you know the beat to say each syllable. So much meaning, so powerful.

So as I am posting this from the Library, it is because I borrowed a book containing many poems and one of them was Tyger. Well, I heard Tyger before in sec 4 so yea. And the poem is really one of the best poems so I thought I would share it here. Anyways.

So expect a few more poems. If i feel led to, I may post dulce et decorum est and dig deeper in it.

But just yesterday I was talking to one of my friends from China and he is a professor in Singapore, a really nice guy. (i live in Singapore by the way)

So he was telling me about how he doesnt use twitter but uses weibo and how he feels that twitter is quite boring because it is filled with people who posted about things like: What am i eating now, Where am I going, Who am i meeting,
But weibo is so useful where it can be used easily for politics and business and it is more meaningful.

Now to this I can respond now saying, it is as usual about the aspect of life ratio.
You see, when people sign up for twitter, they are signing up for a microblog.
A micro blog is a blog that is smaller than average.

Definition of blog: A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.

So when people go to their blog, it is like going to their home. They are at ease to talk about almost anything they want.
So if people who sign up for twitter are younger people, than obviously you would not expect them to be talking half the time about politics, but about what they are feeling, and what they are doing with their friends because that is what matters to them.

However weibo is mainly users from China.
Most people there are very driven to succeed in life and be better than the rest.
Thus that is their more important aspect of life.
And whatever that is in your heart, you will talk about it more because it concerns you more.
Thus it is very expected that weibo is used for that.

You see, to me, both weibo and twitter are micro blogs. I think both are interesting, but to different groups of people. It is just like, basketball and chinese chess. Both appeal to different age groups, but I can only say this: You can only find something that interest you useful.
If you are more mature, than you would most probably prefer linkedIn. And if your friends are all on twitter and not facebook or myspace or QQ or SinaWeibo then obviously you would use twitter because it becomes like your home. And when you feel at home, you feel at peace.

So my take? Anything works fine. Not everyone is the same, so definitely the microblogging style and talking about food may not suit everyone, what matters most is the person's character, as long as you find solitutde, and you're happy, that's what matters most.



  1. 'Sup bro! I like your blog more than my other friend's cos his is always so dead! (JC Bitch, so whaddya think?) HAHA! :D

  2. Haha! One can only blog on something he values, if he blogs on something without value, it's not blogging, it's letting the outside taking control of his inside.
    How should I say?
    Lemme put it this way.
    Blogging without loving it is like cooking without love. The feeling of home cooked food without the love sucks btw. It can actually be felt. And that would cause a lack of interest, and a decline in value.
    Don't do what you think you should, do what you feel you should(typical INFJ).