21 November, 2012

Being thankful.(:

Today was a wonderful day. Period. (:
I was just reminded of Paul after reading Ephesians chapter 1.
What was I reminded about?
The need to be thankful.
Really, the truth is Paul could say, hey you need to do this and that and this and that, you're cool, yes, but do it if you want to be a better Christian.
But what did Paul do?
He said, I always thank you in my prayers.
You see, Paul is not "Looking for something to Thank God for because He has nothing to thank God for" or "Trying to increase his prayer time" or "consoling himself", no.
Paul is looking at the positive change that happened to the people he truly cared about, and was encouraged deeply by them. Thus He thanked God.

Now, it is true that when we come before God, we must be truthful. We can only thank God for something that we are really thankful for. Thus, we must instill into ourselves a thankful spirit. When we start to thank the people in our lives of the little things they do in our lives, we will start to become more thankful. And slowly but surely we will become a more thankful person, maybe even unknowingly! We must always carry the right attitude towards one another. Now for me, this is very crucial. I have alot of pride in my heart and I really, really do these things subconsciously and I will only know that I did something wrong after I did it. Which is quote sad. And the fact is I really want to change. For the better. But now that it has become somewhat a part of how I connect with my friends, it is hard to break from it. Now the only think I could do is pray. But now, I'm going to pray, and I'm going to start thanking God for the things that He has done, the people that he has placed in my life, especially the people who are an encouragement to me List: encouragements in my life; James Clement Paul Sianghock Amelia Andrea Ngoi Guohao Rachel Bennie Zhenying Yilun Ziying Junrong Szeyin Wesmond Huizhen Andrew TY Heokyong Kaihwee Terran Vivian Zhongyee Fenrong PC Ivan Weixuan So many. Haha. But the people that really encouraged me every step of the way, man, I love them. They are: Andrea Tianyong Szeyin Clement Amelia Guohao these friends are best friends. Great friends. Good leaders. Such an encouragement everytime I see them. ((: Be thankful! Who can you be thankful for? Not sure? I have an answer((: I'm thankful for him too(((: Special list to thank: JESUS((((:

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