06 January, 2013

Life today

Well today was a weird day.
I had fever, ate only three scoops of porridge.
Then I had to eat panadol, lolwut.
But I got well later, but still had a bad headache.
Funny thing is, I keep hearing like a voice asking me to go and pray, go and pray and it was annoying. At times.
I kept arguing with it until about 10, in which I then began to pray for about 20 minutes.
As I was praying I started to cry after a while, and I was asking for a vision for my life for this year.
Still no vision.
But there was a joy, an unspeakable joy.
I shall continue to believe in His promises for me, yes.
I apparently have no headache after praying, thank God.
But my body is still aching a little.
Oh wells.
Wish me luck guys!
Hahaha, tomorrow shall be a better day~
PS: I seldom fall sick so it was awkward when I saw 38.0 on the thermometer. ._.

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