04 February, 2013

You do the deeds of your Father

John 8:41-42 "You do the deeds of your father."Then they said to him,"we were not born of fornication;we have one Father-God." Jesus said to them,"If God was your Father, you would love me, for I proceeded forth and came from god;nor have i come of myself, but He sent Me Knowing who you are in Christ Jesus.

 Jesus was in this passage confronted by the pharisees for Jesus mother bore him before getting married. Most probably, Mary sinned and had premarital sex(formication),or at least that is what the people (Jewst + sadducees + phorisees) say. You know, Jesus could have commanded angels to come down and show them the glory of God so huge that it blinds all of them, but he did not because he was secured in his identity in God. We need to be secure in our identity in Christ so that when other say things about us, or when discouraging thoughts enter our minds, we need to be able to stand firm against those thoughts knowing in our hearts that: We have been saved by grace through faith. And that our sins are washed away, we are holy before God. Gods mercy is new every morning, and He does not condemn. God has a future and a hope for you, plans to prosper you. Nothing you can say, to make him love you more, Nothing you can do, could make him shut the door. In him we ARE a new creation, behold, the old things have passed away. Satan no longer have a strong hold over your life. It is only when we truly know this, and truly believe in this, that when the time comes, that others say, or we feel, or we think, that we are not good enough, that we must cling unto these promises. It is very important we know deep in our heart our identity in Christ. For the devil has come to kill,steal and destroy, If given the chance, we would surely steal away your identity. For when we truly know our identity we will have the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, which will guard our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

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