20 April, 2013

Being a Rebekah

You know, in the bible it tells of a story. There was this one man called Abraham. He walked with God most of his life, and while he was old and advanced in age, He finally had his first son with his wife Isaac.
He was very old when Isaac was finally of age to get married.
Thus He sent his servant out to get a wife for his son.
And the servant went to Abraham's hometown as per Abraham's instructions.
And He told God, God, let the women whom offers both me and my camels a drink, be the woman for my master's son.
And Rebekah went down to the well.
and as she filled her pitcher, the servant asked Rebekah for a drink of water.
Rebekah's reply was; "sure, let me give your camels a drink too, until they are full."
Now notice Rebekah's willingness.
There was no need to water the camels as it was not asked.
But Rebekah had a willing attitude.
How willing?
Well, she was willing to water all the ten camels until they are done drinking!
Please consider that the distance from Abraham(Shechem, which is in Canaan) to Nahor(Haran) is 600km, or 400 Miles!!
After that and to feed all the camels!
Of course, Rebekah didnt knew that.
But she must have been exhausted! I, for one would have given up halfway!
Maybe less than half!
And that is the attitude that we must have when going to help others, helping them to the fullest, and also by our own initiative!
That is the thing which will unlock our destiny in God!


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