13 April, 2013


A glass is made from sand. It is beautiful. Until it is shattered. Then a new one is needed. The new piece of glass looked exactly the same. But an additional cost came with it. In alchemy, there are three steps. Theory, decomposition and regeneration. However, the intangible cannot be decomposed. Thus it cannot be regenerated. And the theory does not exist. The hypothesis does. But how do we know the hypothesis is true unless tested? But how do we test it when the medium to test the hypothesis with is not able to be fulfilled unless the hypothesis is theorized. Thus, made true. Thus it goes in a cycle. You cannot get a new life form on this planet to exist. You can only discover one that you have yet to discover. Thus, since there is no regeneration without decomposition, you can't have a creation. I have no idea why I wrote this and diverted till this far. But I guess there was supposed to be a link and connection that joins this whole post together. Hope you find it, I lost it already. God, Thank you.

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