19 May, 2013

Detached strings.

Yesterday pastor talked about having thanksgiving in our lives.
Thanking GOD for all things, something which he had said before.
Pastor Phil shared about going through 14 years of craziness.

I looked at my life, and say:"what do i have when i was 5, that i still have now?"

No answer.
Thankful for all things?

But what if you have no-thing.
I don't have a family.
A "Church" is a family, yes.
But it cannot replace my biological family.
Why? I don't know.
But it is different.
I try to detach emotion from thoughts, but this isn't a game.
Not as if I want to talk to my infocomm friends anymore.
Something stupid screwed up.

Guess I really have only one group of friends I can count on, huh...
Lions, I love you.

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