26 May, 2013


And no one doth put new wine into old skins, and if otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins, and itself will be poured out, and the skins will be destroyed
Young's Literal Translation. Luke 5:37

Today when I was in service, it was Pastor Phil Pringle speaking. If I recall correctly, it was during worship when this phrase dropped into my heart.

Previously, I have been struggling for so long trying to break into his presence. Just trying to get a breakthrough into his presence. Every day, every night, praying for a fresh oil. Praying for a fresh presence.  A breakthrough, like a breakthrough of water. But alas, to no avail. 

Then Pastor talked about the parable of the dog. He shared regarding how God likes to move with us and along the way, mould our character. How God likes to move only when we are calm and quiet, all the way deep down, calm and quiet. 

It made me think, how many times have I really been calm and quiet?


Now I shall try my best. To worship God, all of my days, to trust in him, with unwavering faith. 

I know I am not perfect. But I will try my best.

Now back to the verse.

The real significance for it is that it resonates to what I was feeling and the message that pastor preached later on. I felt that I really needed a paradigm shift- something YiLun prayed during the pre service prayer meeting. I needed a paradigm shift in my character, my thoughts, my perception, my attitude. I cannot be a man who is more law than grace. If Jesus is grace over law, how can i be law over grace? I am not greater than Jesus. Thus, I must put law over grace.

To have new wine, we must be able to have a new wine skin.
A wine skin is used to hold the oil, thus our lives are like the wine skin.
We must receive the revelation into our hearts about the new wine skin.
Thus, we must let the old teachings, the old habits, the old ways of law, to make way for grace. 
For under the law none is perfect, but under grace all is made perfect in weakness through Christ Jesus our LORD.

Thus when we want to receive the new oil from God, we need to have new wine skins to hold the new wine. Then comes another problem. Dealing with the nostalgia of old wine.

No one having drank the old wine would immediately wants the new wine, for he says: The old is better.

When God wants to bring us forward and gives us new wine, we need to be able to put away the past successes and miracles and wonders. Yes, we should remember them, but we should not be contained by them. Look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, not the miracles and signs and wonders and promises that encourages our faith. Have your eyes on the encourager, not the encouragement! When we look to Jesus, he will give us the new wine that we would so love.

Calm and quiet.
Removing law, placing in grace.
Look unto the encourager of faith.

That is what I shall do tonight as I proceed to enter into my quiet time. 
Good day to you folks, see you in church. :)

Desire for the new anointing!


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