27 October, 2013

A learning process

Being able to touch php is a dream come true. (EDIT: Nahhh.)

Hope that one day i can change this blog into one which i enjoy, and which people would enjoy coming to. Not just something simple and nice. Something designed personally, and unique.

But for now,

print("BYE!!! :D")

Everything in life is a learning process.
So glad that my friend introduced me to a new book called Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Experimenting with the possible future route that humans may take forsaking a religion for science, evolution and a dictator-like-God, caste systems become prevalent to society to keep the world a balanced place for the people on the top of the balance to enjoy. However, a savage, someone untouched from a rural area proceeds to find his life changed when he enters the brave new world located half way across the world, to find technology at its finest, yet humans, though more intelligent, still have shortcomings.

Changed my mind on certain things this book does. Reminded me of how important it is to have right values, and to know something through and true.

Good book to read, I highly recommend it.

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