10 October, 2013

The Dumbing down of society

The numbers of content consumers and shallow content are growing at a rate that vastly outpaces the growth of more deep and effort-driven posts/posters. This is attributed to sites like Facebook/Memegenerator making it much easier for new users to find validation/success online with a smaller ratio of quality:quantity, and the dumbing down of the internet.

Making solid content online needs to be easier.

Nobody needs to know what I had for breakfast.

Consumers are eager to get a glimpse of something shallow, yet at the same time filling and it is not just a tad, it is a plethora worth of junk information.
YouTube users upload 48 hours of video, Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content, Instagram users share 3,600 new photos, and Tumblr sees 27,778 new posts published – every minute, according to a survey and infographic by DOMO. 

What is the leading cause of us requiring information to be like coffee gulped down a programmer’s throat?

This drives us to what a human needs.

Many people out there seeks for ways where they can feel gratified and amplified and if also possible, affirmed and made an egotist without people realising it. Who doesn’t want to be praised and given attention? As such when they put on a fa├žade to attract such audience they do it well and often they would move on to do it in the easiest way. What is the easiest way to get people to like you? Tell jokes! Create a joke site! Contribute to a joke webpage with image boards(without the boards). And because this requires no analysis whatever, it does not stir the mind. It does not cause one to think. It just fills up a void so easily you forgot, or rather you don’t know that you had a void. Surprisingly most start without that void but after getting all these jokes and funny picture of cats (no offence to Ben Huh and cheeseburger) you replace the time you did a certain activity that was part of your life with this, such that this becomes a focal point of your life. This then leads to a point where you notice that you need to feel that void with what you’re getting because it is the easier way out.

I mean, would you rather spend your time laughing at 9Gag or spend half your time trying to resonate with some opinions on a forum page? Why bother when you can be eclectic - in 5 seconds! This shows the shrewdness of our minds, taking the better and much, much easier way out. And as it continues to be a habit, users of the internet are finding that they would rather laugh at a joke that was only a little funny than to analyse and figure out the rights and wrongs and the issue of morality and justice. Such doings have been limited to a faint amount of introverts, and much less, extroverts.
So if you ask me what the internet is currently used for? No longer is the prime of the internet the sharing of bee hived like communities. It is for narcissism The self-gratifying nature of humans, to be able to receive praise in the form of Twitter retweets, Tumblr reposts, facebook likes and Instagram hearts, and to a certain extent comments which will be perceived as the inquiry of the user’s life which can be taken as a gesture to remain as just a little-not-so-little-just-a-tad-between-little-and-very-little more than acquaintances.

Recently I read the New York Times and I came across as particular section of which I quote: “Narcissists use Twitter “as a kind of technologically augmented megaphone, amplifying one’s own perceived superiority to others.”

Now how true is that?

Firstly, just a few words: There is nothing wrong with the wanting of people to be concerned over 
one’s little uneventful life. I mean, we all want to make the most out of life and enjoy it, with our friends! However the problem lies in the fact that there are people out there who have an account of facebook or twitter not to connect with their friends, but rather because they need to be “in” on the cool stuff. When I first created my twitter, this was the description I had of twitter: A microblog. That simple. And to me, I define my microblog as a blog, but in bite sizes (humans really can’t take too much stuff at one time, huh.). Now this means that it has to be concise and that it has to be of at least the same standard as that of what one would deem acceptable on a blog, depending of the context. 

And while there is nothing wrong with expecting viewers and comments, the question is this: Are you doing it because you are really eager to share your view or are you eager to receive affirmation? The thing is, when things can be done the easy way, the meaning of the act is normally in the tougher route. Say because you have something of value. Not because you want to show others on Facebook that just because you’re under a certain label in class doesn’t mean you don’t do cool stuff life eating cheerios with chopstick(LOLjk).

Just because one does not speak, he is not a dumb person. He is just a man who chooses his battles, chooses when to make an opinion, when to speak, when to listen, when to comment, and when to just be there, when to give advice, and when to offer sympathy. Most importantly, a person who knows that there is a time for everything. Just like there was a time for Gangnam style, there is a time for The Fox. 

And really, this just goes all the back to what we started with. Such songs make such a hit because they are dumbing down music to such a level where if basic rhymes could do it, why bother fancifying lyrics?

Fahrenheit 451 really predicted such a coming, and it is indeed on its way to a greater level. Will it ever stop? Only if religion occurs. Or else, let the parlour TV tell me.

PS: Yes I know fancifying aint a word. The whole point.

PPS: This article is a result of Ray Bradbury fanboy-ness, thinking of the world and its current state late at night, and reading a few articles on New York Times. Hopefully, we won’t get banned for just chatting about life with friends purely for friendship’s sake in the future.

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