24 November, 2013

Been a month

It's been a month so what have I been up to that could lead me to this website again?


But it was a great month of November.

Now let's get started with the actual post.

Life is short, and will come to an end.
If one does not do as one wants in his heart and in his mind then one might as well not live.
A mistake is better made, but of course, thought processes are needed.
Sense is sense, but intuition beats all.

Live a life without regrets, without worries. We can be anxious, but we do not worry.

Anxious is a feeling that comes when we are jumpy over a situation. We are anxious when we are about to meet the President Obama(just an example). We are, so to speak, "worried we may have a slip of the tongue and create a bad impression". This is due to a stressor, and the stressor in this scenario is meeting an important public figure. However, if we ponder and stay with this feeling for a duration of time, our mind starts to wonder and imagine, even visualize possible scenarios of things that could have gone wrong. Now that turns into worry.

However there is a brief moment between being anxious and worrying.

It is during this time where we must pick ourselves up and lift it up.

Certain burdens need not be carried.
If, like me you believe in Christianity, the right thing to do is to lift it up to Jesus, of whom is the author and finisher of our faith.
Even if you are of other beliefs, know this: worrying is a self imposed prison. You only come out after you learn to let go. Don't imprison yourself.

Take care


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