09 January, 2014

worry worry, everything is worry

I have never dictated the pace of my life.
All was worry.
Worry dictated the pace of my life.
Dota once did too.

And that is a pity.

But I do not want that to be the end.

Will I have another chance to let something else dictate the pace of my life?

I sure pray that the answer is a yes.
And I pray that it will be a good pace.

Worrying is bad.

Maybe I should seek a psychiatrist's help.
Maybe I should pray more
And try to read the book of revelation.
The scariest part of the bible.
I don't even dare to read.
Idk why. So sad for a person like me.
I am unable to get a revelation from that book because of fear.

Let me overcome it this year, perhaps?


Ps: I really envy my classmates, whenever they talk about their family I want to cry.

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