28 January, 2015

Poem - Reminder

Feeling as lethargic as can be, i cant even stay up after coffee,
no dont give me tea, I just wanna sleep why cant you let me be
i dont need and dont want to know a her
i want to know me thats all that matter

I want to go up but everything's down
I talk to above but it made not a sound
to cry to below what does it do
my tears extinguished by hell fire that blew

kick up a storm, whirlwind in clouds
The eye of the hurricane its surrounding it spouts
neither a foe nor its friend
can hug it nor kiss it and not meet its end

all things have time, and time in control
there's not a healing that time cant bestow
but fury is deep, and hatred is steep,
maneuver the maze you have to be on your feet.

- Huangxi

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