07 October, 2015

Imagine a Daydream

While I lie here in bed,
I realize why God didn't give me dreams at night.
Because in the day,
Whenever I see you I see my dreams come true

And through the skies I never see stars,
I often wonder where they are.
I thought it strange, and bizarre,
but once I saw you my mouth's ajar

Your smile is a delight to the soul,
with you the journey gets better,
It's never too late when I'm with you
For you make the darkest nights brighter

I think of you as I look at the sky;
it is a stardust twilight.
My thoughts stir from dawn to dusk;
wishing our paths again collide.

Close to the darkest of the night,
the abyss swept past me.
Terror of thoughts unfulfilled
I begin to tremble

Cohesive thoughts of you I form
To keep my mind in light
I wish to know how the story ends
so I know whether to fight; or flight.

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