30 January, 2011

Almost forgot, I need to update my blog. 10 days already. 
1.For now, still trying my best to improve on my studies. My aim- 10 for r4,13 for r5.  

2.Survivor is starting 16/17 February, so keeping in view.

3.Didn't think I will post about this. Anyways, since Clement brought up the subject, might as well say lah. Obvious I like someone..... not going to say who..... but I am NOT going to do a single thing to show it. Like Russell, it will only be known, my plans, to few people. Or rather, one person. Maybe two or three. none beyond that.

4. played audition.

5. gonna play chinese chess from tomorrow onwards with heok yong, so cheer for me to beat him cause it is super hard to.........

6. I love all those who are willing to share with me their thoughts on my next topic to talk about here- valentine's day. Most likely to spend it doing chemistry and animation, but the night will be filled with fun stuff.
maybe gaying out is a good idea........
NO, i may appear gay, i am,at most(to me no), a metrosexual.
100% heterosexual okay.
I am just sensitive.

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