20 January, 2011

Hello!!!! I am backkkk! Hope tt every one had a good week(: I am back to post on my week. Monday, Chem test. It was hmmm.... Improvement from last week but still fail. Thumbs up for effort(: Wednesday chem test was ok, except for last two qns. Poa....let's hope for the best.(: physics is a killer. Almost everyone went emo after the test..... Now me and my busy schedule. Next week: lit, chem remedial on monday. Wed got infocomm. Thursday got physics class extra. Friday got Chinese and infocomm. If I go for tabletennis, tues and thurs also. Such a crazy week.....starting from next monday....

Anyways, to all in advance, happy Chinese new year!

I had fun learning how to play piano(:
Now I have learnt still(hide me now) and currently learning as the deer so I might post a video soon.(:

For infocomm, president, icecubez, pctg, ivan, me and Vic ? Fenrong?are working on a project for now. Awesome idea manzz.

Anyway, fenrong is gonna be president of infocomm! Pctg is vp, Ivan is secretary? Haha. Congratz to them and jarin(vp as well)!!!!
Well that's all for now and I will see you soon!!!!

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