02 January, 2011

The road is long the valley is deep the ocean's right in front of me.
But God saved the day and Jesus you're the way.
School is starting soon, here in Singapore.
Now there will be little play even though the games on iPhone are addictive because my high school majors are coming in 10 months and I will prepare and revise and study. But the key is PRAYER. FAITH. I shall sow this seed and believe for a return of half fold. Meaning I have to work double hard than others, believe 4 times more in God, and sow twice as much.
It won't be easy but I can do it. BUT GOD SAVED THE DAY WHEN EVERYTHING WAS WRONG BUT GOD!! BUT GOD, DELIVERED ISRAEL BY PARTING THE SEA. If God will do it for the sake of Abraham even after 400years he can do it for you and me.
By faith I have believe and on this truth I stand, forever more.

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