19 September, 2012


Well so what's going on in my life?
So i have been busy reading up news, just trying to make sense.
well like the iphone 5 news, along with samsung and its new camera and stuff~
nokia lumia 920, with it's in house gps....
just so muh tech news.

also been trying to keep up with the stocks of apple, which have already crossed 700.
not to mention, a whopping 2million iphones preordered within 24 hours.
not only that but the presidential race, mitt romney and obama, with obama being on reddit and stuff...
i havent had much time for survivor.
but new season with russel swan of galu(samoa) coming back, it would be fun.
and now off to sleep!

lastupdate: im buying a blacklightattack shirt!
search blacklightattack kbmod shirt and you will see it!

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