26 September, 2012

Newton's law.

Every cause has an effect. When something is done, a result will appear. Even when the thing done produce no result, there actually is a result.
Even when for example, you push a wall, but nothing happens, something actually happens and the thing that happens unconsciously is that you lose energy.

What I am talking about today is snowball off a hill. When a snow ball runs down the hill, don't we love to stand halfway between the hill and push it? And the thing is this, our push has very little effect on it's already tremendous speed, but what has more effect is that our palms upon contact with the ball, steers it a little off its original direction, a little left, a little right. Now there's someone standing at the bottom of the hill and he is your teammate, and his task is to catch the ball. Whereas you and the rest of your friends try to steer the ball towards him, his task still remains impeccably more difficult-pressing the stop button on the bomb, which lies in the snowball.
It is a race against time as if he misses, it will hit the old granny's home, and the old granny, weal and fragile inside, does not know about the bomb. Thus little noise is allowed.
You and your friends try to push and assist your , and as it approaches your teammate, your teammate stops it- but not quite.

He failed to hit the middle of the bomb.

His hands were a centimetre wide, and he broke the snowball.

The bomb fluttered a little along with the snowflakes, and your teammate in devastation, runs and dived and clutch the bomb.

It's still ticking but he couldn't hear it under his own tears and cries in desperation.

It exploded as the rest of you watched, stunned.

As his teacher saw it, he gasped. The teacher was befuddled as a limb broke.

Wha-t happened???

Who was responsible?!

But knowing their game, and after realising the whole thing was the team's idea, and that the teammate has actually volunteered for the fun of it, the teacher became full of angst and was in utter despair.
He was dismayed.
That teammate.... was a good student.
Many a times he was the cheery pupil, sensible and full of knowledge- but this time he came short.
The teacher did not know what to do.
He just knelt beside the child and said, please, for the love of God, wake up.

He woke.

But after the moment of enlightenment that the child wasn't really hurt, and that limb that seemed broken, a part was actually buried in the snow, the teacher's remorse, changed to anger.

The other pupils stand at attention, bewildered.

Why did the teacher change so fast?

Is he going to be ok?

And that form teacher, said only one sentence.
"Let's go to my office and talk."

The child went.
After all, nothing much was wrong.
The bomb was after all just a self made jack in the box with snow.
Not really snow but more of a big ice cube. The icecube merely hit his hand, but due to the sheer size of the icecube, it was scary.

What was more scary is what is about to happen

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