29 November, 2012

Research In Motion

RIM, also known as Research in Motion, is a company that was once one of the brightest shining stars in the technology industry. But now, this company has fallen. And you may say, "Hey, you sure crican? I have never even heard of this company, only heard of apple, samsung, nokia." Then I will tell you, "How about Blackberry?" And you should probably say yes by now. If not, go here: blackberry.com Blackberry was the named coined for a brand of phones that was introduced by RIM, headed by Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie. They created the first Blackberry phone back in 1999, but their first famous model was in 2002. (Note: the word famous in this case is subjective, and up to my discretion) So i feel sad for this company because they were not able to adapt to the shift from hardware to software. This reminds me of a story. Widely regarded as the greatest chess master of all time, Garry Kasparov, was the Champion from 1985 to 2000.

The thing was, he lost in 2000 to one of his former students Vladimir Borisovich Kramnik, without winning a single game. As a great fan of his, one day i bought a book written by him and in it He said that one of the reasons he lost was because after being world champion for 15 years, there wasn't really anyone who would tell him if he had gone wrong. He didn't do as much research as before, didn't feel that he could lose. After all, He's Kasparov! Not that he couldn't won and was not good in chess, it was actually just a blunder that cause him to lose. Complacency. He didn't think he could lose. He forgot what his weaknesses were(forgetting it as in thinking that no one could exploit it). The same thing happened for research in motion.

 In an article written by The verge, RIM's staff said that they should have made the change to their old and outdated operating system the moment when the Iphone came out. However, due to their change happening a few years late, they experience a drop in market share and also found themselves stuck between changing and upgrading all their phones to the new OS and damaging the phones that would not receive the new OS update. Dr. A. R. Bernard, rated one of the most influential New Yorkers, said this, that a strong organisation is one that can handle continuity and change. RIM couldn't handle both. There was a bad handover involved for RIM to its next CEO and change, well they couldn't move from hardware to software. However in light of their newest phone BB10, I hope they succeed in doing what they set out to do. We search emotion. Without having the passion, RIM got caught up in just making phones, not revolutionary devices. Don't lose your passion. Search for your emotion.

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