28 November, 2012

What am I thinking, you say.

Well, I'm always thinking. People always ask, what are you thinking? And I'm like, woahhhhhhhhh. I'd love to tell you but it's weird when it's face to face. So basically this week i was thinking about what happens when one jump. Well basically, there would be a force that pushes up, exerted by our body, Then air resistance and gravity comes into play, and we will reach a height when gravity and air resistance adds to give the equal to the amount of force exerted to make the upward movement. So what would happen when it is in a train> does the same thing happen? Well, yes. because gravity is still the same(Gravity does differ from place to place even on earth, but the difference is less that 0.01ms-2). Now what if the train was moving? I have been wondering how does air resistance affects us when we are inside a train moving 30-40 miles per hour. Does the context of the air resistance change? As in, does the amount of air, temperature of air inside the train, amount of vacuum space inside the train affect the change that air resistance affects us in comparison to outside the train, in the environment, the outside atmosphere? So when we jump in a moving train, what exactly caused us to land on the same stop(as per before the jump)? Is it because the air resistance does not include the air resistance outside? And yes, that is what I have been thinking of. If you could explain it logcially to me, feel free to leave an unprecedented first comment, or email me @ iamchio@hotmail.co.uk AUF WIDHERSTEIN ADIEU!

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