22 November, 2015

Best friends

When you learn so much about a person and now you are forced to forget most of it until you become best friends again(if it ever happens), its hard. 
Its so hard.
Because honestly speaking, at least as an infj, i only stop caring if you make me slam the door on you. Or else i see no reason to slam the door.
No reason at all.

You should never slam the door on a person. Everyone is a nice person when you really get to know them deep down.

I hope i will be able to move on.
It will probably take another week, even though i told you a month. I don't think you would need to forget about me, but it would be better for you. A bridge can always be built again, but if you want to prevent a flood, build a dam.

A dam is high. A dam only let its waters flow in bursts. A dam doesnt work like a river, the water doesn't flow so often.

If we want to work it out, it has to be a dam. Meetings are less regular, at least in the beginning. After that, at least until the confirmation has come again that I've moved on, we can try out the friendship again.

My mistake the previous time was running away.
It helped and i took a month to erase the memory which wasn't strong.

But i realised.

"Running away from something is no good. But running to something, now thata different. That's running to a goal. Running away from something, if you do that you may not like what you find." - Uncle Axel, paraphrased excerpt from The Chrysalids

Its time for me to run to something instead of running away.

I'm wiser now. 


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