20 November, 2015

A Day's Journey

The tangerine sun waltz through the sky
As time goes from dawn to dusk
The arc of the trail of its blazing rays
Like a boomerang swerved past

The cheerful chirp catapults through the boulevards 
As the gentle breeze sweeps me off my feet 
And journeys me afar

The clouds are singing
The wind is dancing 
Cant you see oh?
Its a good day rejoicing!

The streets are filled with autumn air
Canopies are shades of red
Lets have fun just like the leaves
Dancing till they're dead

Its a day - turned into night 
Let's start the campfire
We'll dance around feeling the warmth
Make merry in cold weather

The moon is glowing
The stars are shining 
Can you feel it?
We're all now sparkling!

The bonfire crackles as the wood creaks
And fades with it the light
But the ambers within glow through and through
And stay throughout the night.

As the breathing ceases and the heaving starts
We all lie on the floor
Drunkards sober whatever the like
On the ground we snore

The night is passing,
Dew is forming,
When tomorrow comes,
We'll keep walking.

-cricantrail :)

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