26 November, 2015

I had a dream in 2 hours of sleep.

I just fell asleep peacefully for the first time and dreamt. It wasn't under the dream catcher for I wasn't under my bed. I fell asleep by the side while in my house, sprawled and reading a book when I felt tired and my eyes closed, contacts still inside. 


I dreamt a dream, and it was my first in ages, perhaps years. With one so clear, definitely the first.

You always knew I couldn't sleep well, I never told you why.
I never told you I never had dreams. 

Dreaming, if you ever were an inquisitive person like me, happens when there is REM. Rapid eye movement. Sleep that happen about two hours after you dozed off. That is when most dreams occur.
Deep sleep occurs after REM take place.

I fall into deep sleep quite often. At least I believe so. Why?
Because when I fall asleep its sometimes hard to wake me up and get me to a full conscious state.

But after about 6 hours since the start of my slumber, I awake at the first burst of sunrays, or the first laughter bursting forth from a distance. In fact, it's anything that's unfamiliar to the alleys of my life.

But after so long, and for the first time, I had a dream.

I dreamt something I knew was possible after a gigantic eon.
But would probably not come to pass.

But I'm happy that I dreamt. But as I look at it and realized I have not been under the dream catcher, not under the mythical protection of it, or rather, not under the protection of your good will, - I wonder if it was a good dream at all.

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