20 December, 2015

Poem: I Never Knew

I never knew what I wanted to do,
So all I did was write.
I filled pages and pages up in full
with the scribbles of my life.

I never knew where I wanted to go,
So all I did was walk.
Journeying through deserts and snow
and hanging on treetops.

I never knew when i wanted to leave,
so all I did was stay.
Listened to the chatter and laughter in peace
as night turns into day.

I never knew who I wanted to meet,
so all i did was find -
in parties, subways and the alleyways
till you got on my mind.

I always have my thoughts for writing on the train, in parties when I am gazing into the unknown, and in the quiet alleyways where the chatter fills me and I just get hit by this crazy ball of words mixed with a fiery rocket of emotions, much like a bottle of tequila ignited on fire that just burns us into the future of our dreams.

Most of the time, as I am a person of rhythm, who moves and even talks and thinks in beats, albeit irregular at times. This may be a reason why I write in iambic pentameter or just pentameter at times.

Writing has always been a passion. I have no hope but this: that one day I will look back on all the poems I have written on this blog and be able to say I am a much better writer and person now. To be able to say that I have stayed drunk on writing throughout the journey.


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