13 December, 2015

I Jumped to Catch but Fell

Motivation by pain, and not love is a sad thing.
You worked so hard, but no one sees past the smoke screen.
The gentle rain showers turns the pavement grey,
It makes us all sad so the sun turns it silver again.
But oh! What a tragedy, all we felt was scorch-
ing heat, our sweat stains on our shirt drops,
Curse and swear, hating on the sunrays,
As we fail to see the beauty of the rainbow overhead.


The rainbow and the just risen sun, across the azure blue sky. It is a beautiful sight to behold. Tiny mockingbirds up in the sky, they sing a song to welcome to entering of dawn. The air is gently wet with dew and the droplets from the after-rain weather glistens on the gentle leave blades, sparkling and looking pretty just like the flower they surround. The fresh, morning smell of loveliness showered from the sky filled across the meadows, and with it they bring the morning light. This isn't like the other mornings. It is the first time I could smell the warmth of the weather, and the coolness of the sun. I stood up and was surprised at my own ability to read the scene. It has been 15 years since I last slept in this attap house, but I could still remember how it felt back then. 

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