06 June, 2016

Poem: Parting Picture

The shirts we don were both in white,
But our hearts no longer knew
Coz though we stood there side by side,
We didn't have a clue
As to why we weren't talking,
Or what to talk about
All that's left is silence dancing -
And the sound it makes - so loud.

We took a picture - who's idea?
printed it on paper.
One for you and one for me,
To hold it just as dear
But after you left you then recalled,
The picture's stil' at my place.
We then agreed to meet again
And it'll be yours when I see your face.

And as I returned to my abode
Two polaroids at my place.
Identical were the smiles that showed
The happiness on our face.
But the picture just couldn't capture
The feelings in my heart.
I don't know if you want together
But I don't want to be apart.


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