13 June, 2016

Poem: Repose

Can you hear the muted screams
From human bones in dried river streams
These skulls, joints and broken bones
Though together were all so alone

The neighbouring dust and stones disguise
The pain and suffering inside
Each step taken into the valley
Gave them anguish instead of merry

These people had their ups in life
But through this down did not survive
Had they finished their melody
Would they have lived their destiny

Sad sights heaven saw looking down below
Weary people, soulless eyes use rocks for pillow

  1. Many tears they cried for they didn't win but lose

At least in heaven they now have repose


In life, heaven is often seen as struggles repose.
In our father's arms we have our failures' repose.
But if you sojourn alone, you give your own repose.

To a certain you out there: stop being so hard on yourself. You go through the valleys of life and you failed somewhere along the way, your dreams turn to dust and your anger got you carried away, this anger at self don't let it stay, but remember keep happiness at bay. Think of the sun in the month of May, shining brightly at noonday; you are good enough don't prove it to me, it doesn't matter for you're loved already.


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