21 July, 2016

Poem: Sparrow


Her heart to her beloved
was that of a lone sparrow
Tattooed indelibly with blood
that flowed from the heart with sorrow

An issue of blood caused by remorse
drawn on the fingertips with time
Every drip and drop - her loss
As she creates a red sunshine

The strength resonates through her dark red blood
Lack of oxygen, deprived of oxytocin;
She tried to love others as hard
and as deep as from her heart within

Petite little sparrow, such insignificance!
Dejection faced, would an angel appear?
Yet the organs inside show that there's no difference
Between her and another, from front to rear.

But yet a mystery within her holds
A unique sparkle, dazzle and shimmer
She steadies her footing as her beauty unfolds
And face the future - smiling both eyes closed.

Dedicated to someone


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